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The Reason For Being In The World

The Reason For Being In The World messages


The Reason For Being In The World : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, with joy here I am for you; the light of the heart lights up, here is your brother for you; through words I add knowledge of this path, a path of life that sees you on earth in this moment, for us, for Love, an important journey of growth for you and for your heart; on earth you see the answer of many of those hearts that lead their lives in materialism; to see, to touch, it’s as if it was the only reality, and once the time of a life has run out, the birth, death, a finite amount of time, and they run, they rush through life seeking only to have a better tomorrow, and through cheating or hard work and sweat, they focus primarily on materialism.


Over the course of their lives there are many events, and through the events what they look for is the meaning that allows to reach the point where you find this wellbeing you seek. Many of you are accumulating things, seeking a wellbeing that lasts forever in your existence. And there are many brothers who are deaf to the call for help from many places on earth. Why this accumulation of a treasure? What is the purpose of this treasure?  The anguish of the perceived end is so present that you try to exorcise it, by filling your life with material things, with luxuries, with dreams that are impossible for others, materialism rules,and in this sense, the meaning within which you built everything, however death does not recognize any of this, and death is for everybody.


You built in the existence of goods that will then become forgotten and just the thought of it induces anguish.


While you experience anguish as a pain for the people you love, that anguish is for the loss of a material good.


Being distant from the world is seeking in the materialism the meaning of why you are in the world.


Seeking the reason for being in the world, in this materialism that surrounds you, makes you ask about yourselves, who am I? Through my senses I can perceive the world, through movement I can move around the world, I reflect, I reason, I gather information, but these tools that are available, who do they belong to?  Who am I really? I am this person that moves this body, that relates with what surrounds me, that through this contact feels inside the need to understand what is happening, because he has inside emotions that he wants to understand. Why do I feel joy in the feeling sometimes? Why do I react with emotion to what is happening?  Why am I feeling Love? Is my center located in my heart? And so on, as I reflect I realize what defines my ‘I am’ is exactly what I am feeling in all those moments of now, of tomorrow, of what yesterday has been. And so my heart is defining myself, my heart is truly what I live, and every tool I have helps my heart with this existence I am going through. Life is that heart,

this is the center of my existence. Therefore I discover who I am: I am heart.


This clear impression brings me to consider all other people that are surrounding me in the world to be like me: therefore I am a heart among hearts; therefore all this humanity is a heart like me, it’s a feeling, and so humanity reaches it’s true humanity: all hearts, together.


Now I am finally looking at the world for what it is: hearts that go through existence.


Now my next step is to get to know my heart, my emotions I am feeling, can they be the discovery of the meaning of life?


I calm down, and I listen to myself, to what I feel, first of all I need to use my tool to evaluate, to feel, to feel myself in the emotions, this is my voice, I am the voice of ME.


I embrace all of you, with Love in the heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Reason For Being In The World is the Message translated 4th October 2010




The Reason For Being In The World messages


The Reason For Being In The World


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