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The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart

The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart Of Jesus Christ


The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, with my voice I speak from my heart, I speak of what my heart is feeling in front of all of you; I start to listen to myself; the All, I feel as if I am meeting with you and all the passion now guides me, you are my passion, my intent to help you, the passion to lead you, you are the purpose of my effort, my dear ones, in the heart I feel my Love surround you, together, talking, what an infinite joy I feel inside me, for every brother is my effort, for every sister is my effort, I feel everything: the passion, the joy, the effort, and this is what my heart is communicating to me, the heart tells me that I am passion, I am effort, I am joy for my brothers; as I listen to myself I gain experience, this, I am this, what my heart communicates to me, there are no words that I could tell you, but what I am telling you does correspond to what I am feeling as expressed inside the heart, and what I am feeling speaks to you about me.


Therefore, I am in contact with my emotions, I feel them, I hear them, and as I hear them I tell the truth of what I feel. I share how I am in this moment, as I meet you, So I am as I feel.


The passion is telling me that the effort for my brothers through the words is aimed to all those hearts that are listening to me, to place me in front of their eyes, to allow them the experience of what I am feeling, to allow in turn that they ask themselves questions about their own emotions.


Inside you, the emotion, what are you feeling?


Many of you are trying to feel in this contact. What am I feeling? Emotions, what can I feel? I am not just waiting to read the words dictated, I am focused on hearing what he feels, this Love sends us so much emotion, in the past I felt he was far away from me, from my life, and now I listen while he speaks, this contact is beautiful, such a treasure for everyone is His Love, communicating like this is beautiful, I feel Him so close to me, my brother Jesus listens to me and speaks to me, it’s crazy, but it’s true, I think of the brothers who are with me, concentrating on listening to him and listening to themselves, how many of them are out there? Many, as Sara Luce said, but there is so much distance from the heart that I see around me, existing on earth is difficult, because the distance from the heart is very long, there is understanding that generates conflicts and in the heart there is no willingness or possibility to meet as hearts, I think and rethink and I listen, I am asking myself, about this passage of life, what is the meaning of all this for the heart? I feel the doubt within me, I listen to myself and I feel the doubt within me, I would love to get my bearings, my heart is communicating a desire for a possible existence, here, I would like that the heart of brothers expressed much more Love, much more being brothers, I would like to surround myself with much more joy, and even the effort I make, I would like to add it to that of my brothers, I would like to see injustice defeated, being among brothers in harmony, what surrounds me is always beautiful, I would like it for myself. Now I notice that the possibility, more than a hope, is surrendering, I am not believing in what seems possible for the heart, it must be because of the past I have lived, my disappointments, this is what probably shut me down, but now what am I doing? Do I feel hope, or defeat? With words I am telling myself, what do I feel inside me? If I think of Jesus I finally realize that if I feel his heart speaking to me directly, I feel his Love and the possibility fills my heart, my brother, his entire effort for us, this is what gives me courage, come on, I am listening, to find the my road I have to listen. I am, I am surrounded with doubt, possibility that I would like to live, emotion that runs in me, emotion of me as a heart, it’s important to feel this passage between what my mind tells me and the emotions that I feel inside me, and then there is the discovery of me, my feeling myself, I like it, it’s a discovery, who I truly am, it’s finally a discovery of what I feel inside me, I finally take up the dialogue with myself, I am my own center, I am the life that I feel inside me through my emotions, just one advice, I must always be present to myself, listening to myself, and this will be the true discovery of me. Therefore let’s proceed through life, I want to be experience of me.


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, finally I am meeting you, being two hearts needs for us to be two hearts in the meeting.


Your brother Jesus Christ in the heart that beats with Love.


The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart Of Jesus Christ is the Message dictated 7th October 2010




The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart Of Jesus Christ


The Passion The Joy The Effort In The Heart


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