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Freedom To Be Who I Am From The Heart

Freedom To Be Who I Am From The Heart


Freedom To Be Who I Am : finally we are together my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, let’s set aside all mundane things and let’s listen to the voice inside your hearts; as I listen, I reach clarity, I listen to myself and I reach knowledge, I discover emotions inside my heart, I listen to myself and I feel how precious for me it is to be with you, with my  brothers, with my sisters whom I love with all of myself, I love beyond all reason, because I love, I forgive mistakes because I love, and in any case my heart does not feel it because I love, and even being with you is an effort from the heart because I love.


Because I love.


And while I listen to myself I know that words will be replaced by listening to my heart, however I would like to help my brothers and sisters feel me inside their heart. You all have had a moment where you felt your heart was very close while you were in love, when everything is colored with sweetness, when the Love from your eyes paints everything, that sweet brother, that sweet sister, this is the reality of sweetness that you pick up from the other brother, however it was your Love that had been painting it, you are the eyes that are coloring it, you are the ones who are loving, you are the ones with the awareness in the heart: I love him, you are the awareness of being Love, I Love.


Listening to the emotion, is it that difficult for you to forgive him, to not understand him, to not be at his side, to not guide him toward a new behavior, guide him toward another meaning that he had not discovered yet?


This is what you are when you love, and this is the identity of our hearts.


When you love, when you give voice to your Love, when you are ‘I Love’, you are the identity of impression, your eyes see from up above, from your own ‘I Love’.


The same identity in the I Love eyes as the one of your brother Jesus, and of each one of your hearts.


You are in your time and in your I Love. You carry inside a star, a possibility to light it up, sweet memories of when the star did light up, think that you are first of all that light, that first of all communicates I Love to you. Conquering freedom, autonomy from the other, in its meaning of liberating from the impression that the other can express, autonomy from every word, it means being I Love from the heart.


Just like your brother does not fear words or prejudice because I conquered a freedom to be who I am from the heart, you can also conquer your freedom to bring yourselves into your world within the message of the heart.


Many contracts that words can express, they are almost always words devoid of heart, it’s the famous speaking without expressing any meaning, how can a pain be communicated if the words offend? The desperation of the I Love that is pushing to try and come out, how can that be communicated if it is through expressing offense and aggression? In that moment, are you in freedom? Does that heart not have any meaning? Sunsets of Love because freedom was never granted to express completely what the heart feels, that star that wanted to shine, that I AM, that I Love that wants to express itself in freedom.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, being freedom means expressing from the heart the meaning that you just felt, and those of you who are growing in the freedom, do start from the heart, opportunity after opportunity, you see, the journey of expression of your heart will find opportunities that will constantly become available to express the I Am, the I Love.


Brothers, sisters, turn your first impression into a discussion of others, and you begin to live conquering freedom.


I will conclude with my eyes, as I look at you I feel joy, I feel how much I love you, I feel you are so precious to me and my loving you, I will never tire of repeating it to you.


In the Love that I feel for you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Freedom To Be Who I Am From The Heart is the Message dictated 11th October 2010




Freedom To Be Who I Am From The Heart


Freedom To Be Who I Am


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