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Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes

Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes messages


Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes : my precious and beloved brothers and my precious and beloved sisters, today together again, the contact of our hearts and each one of us when entering into contact with the emotion realizes how the heart is gaining experience of life exactly through that emotion; we look, and immediately it becomes apparent that inside the heart emotion is manifesting, it’s like we see it, it’s the sight of what we perceive as images, as situations; the emotion is the sight of our heart. What we see to the eyes of our heart speaks to us of what we feel from the I Am, of which we are made.


Our journey through life continues together, what situation do we meet to understand it today?


Let’s see, I see many people speaking, there is a discussion, I approach them, I go to them, they are talking of a situation unfortunately very painful, they are talking of a creature that died from the actions of another person. Suddenly I notice that my heart is full of pain, in front of that possible life for that creature, I am now faced with death, death that was caused by another. The experience is pain, my heart is full of pain.


But what is happening in that discussion? Some people speak more of vindication than of pain, there is pain and then reaction, of which words of vindication are an expression. Inside me the emotion changed, when listening to them the situation did not change, what changed is what that I feel in the heart right now: the heart is hurting at hearing expressions of retaliation.


Inside my heart there is pity at hearing it, and an emotion of strong help for those who are living the strong pain, there is not, not even remotely, any idea of vindication, only compassion for those who brought this pain about, how can a creature exist, knowing inside his heart that he is the one who brought about death? The death of a creature erases the existence of the heart, the need  in the damage created is that of erasing those moments, this is what that heart feels for what he did, it’s a condemnation that never leaves you and you can see what kind of existence that brother is leading.


Are many of your hearts able to erase your own mistakes? Isn’t perhaps life for you a constant looking at what you have done? This is your heart, of which you are not completely aware, but you too are looking with the eyes of your brothers.


Let’s continue, toward life, every one is carrying its own experience, all of its knowledge, the pain that was caused and the pain that you have known. As a heart the pain marks your existence, but it’s the actual pain that allows you to understand suffering, to understand it as if it was your own pain that the other person is feeling, the experience of the pain creates unity among hearts in suffering.


We are still witnessing that discussion, today those brothers, as they met to talk about giving their hearts, are talking of their suffering and from their suffering is where they are talking, wanting to resort to punishing is intense suffering inside the heart, there is pain in what life has brought, suffering in your own experience, this is the pain that the heart is truly expressing. If you think that suffering determines violence you will see nothing else other than suffering in those hearts.


The discussion has concluded, they leave, I leave, with the emotion of sadness in the heart, you have talked, listened to an emotion, so you have learned about pain and suffering, now feeling sadness is like noticing that this speech has placed pain inside you, powerlessness, grief, experience of Love toward those who are suffering and compassion toward those who caused the pain.


I embrace you my dear ones, may your heart feel compassion for those who make mistakes and compassion for the mistakes that you have made. Forgiving yourselves is a way to turn your compassion on to yourselves.


With all of my Love


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes is the Message dictated 21 October 2010




Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes messages


Feel Compassion For Those Who Make Mistakes


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