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The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion

The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion messages


The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, I am with you, I come with you, I am in the heart and now let’s gain experience of us moving on together; just like I can hear your heart, listening to my heart will bring words inside you; feeling means being in the heart, being in the experience in listening to the heart, in what it is expressing it, this is the heart of the experience, listening to the emotion as it expresses itself.


So many brothers on the street, so many unknown faces, I can hear my heart say “They are still brothers, just the act of meeting them places life in front of me, the life that they are leading, let’s see, someone is begging, it must be sad to extend that hand out, asking for attention for them”, what your heart has inside is indifference “You meet them at the open market, you meet them in every station, there are many hands that ask and push you to help them, of course I feel pity in my heart, but when this happens all the time, you stop hearing the hearts and you hear words to remove yourselves from that situation, “correct, and you no longer live that situation as sad, it’s as if when you withdraw the heart from the experience as a heart, it no longer feels pity either”.


Now, sweet loved brother, you are erasing the experience of the pity in you and not only from the street, you are erasing the expression of life in you, that pity you are feeling is an expression of you, when you feel it it’s an expression of you, of a heart that reaches out to the other and feels the gravity of being forced to beg from others to ask for help.


In the existence, tending the hand out to ask has many modalities, in the heart the contact with the emotion of pity can bring you to reaching out for the other person’s heart with compassion and help, but it’s only the contact with the emotion of pity that allows you in life to be compassion yourselves. If you erase the emotion of pity from your heart, you have the impression of not having been available toward those who are suffering, in the heart you will not only feel that moment, but you will also bring a lot of distance toward other people’s suffering.


It is better if you feel what you are feeling inside the heart, it is better to feel the experience of being in contact with the heart with the emotion of pity as opposed to erasing it as an experience, because the experience of the heart exists inside you to define you in what you are and through the experience of you, you affirm your Being You, the Being You is in contact with the emotion.


Let’s experiment the I Am in the opportunities of contact with the emotion in us, what I am teaching you is the discovery of you, in the I Am, this is where you identity is, not in the possession of money or things, or what belongs to you in the material world, the I Am is your identity, the I Am that has value, the I Am that is your essence, the I Am that belongs to eternity.


My beloved, for today let’s conclude this experience together with the words of our hearts, let’s feel, through our feelings we can regain contact with the entire range of emotions that manifest inside us.


In my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion is the Message dictated 18th October 2010




The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion messages


The Emotion Of Pity And The Compassion


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