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Life Is Not About Objectivity

Life Is Not About Objectivity messages


Life Is Not About Objectivity : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today we will further our knowledge of the heart together, today we will meet a person who has been a presence in your life, the memory of the past is not faded away, our past has gained preciousness from this presence, we still remember that heart, her affection and many old moments lived together come back to the surface, regain light; what is this emotion?


All memories of the heart remain locked inside, they are a treasure left behind by that experience, the moments that the heart has lived in the emotion, they remain with us, moments and emotions stay with us. So I notice in the meeting that the emotion is inside me, the emotion that I felt when we met back then; now I notice that my eyes see the other person through the emotion that I have been carrying with me. We look at each other, the toll that time took on us, but the memory is bringing back the vision of the time past. How much time passed? The memory erases the distance of time. How have you been? And life from the past is taken up again in the conversation. And I listen while my eyes still see from the past.


And the story continues on, and from the heart we feel the emotions of the past but also the emotions of the present time. We listen and we listen to our heart, to what it is telling us. We are still gaining experience in our heart. And while we listen to the many words, inside us the contact with her experience brings us many reflections, we look at events that her heart encountered, she faced some of them like us, and many different ones, her heart faced life like every heart, she gives me her answers about her experience, the emotions she felt and how much she learned, and how her eyes see life through her experience. My eyes see from my experience, her eyes see from her experience of her heart, right up to today. And so I notice that life is certainly not about objectivity, when looking at life you look from the experience that the heart has lived. If my heart feels more open, or more contracted toward life, it’s only in the experience of emotions that I felt inside me, in the meetings that I had, in the exchange with others, from the moments that I faced and of the life in everything that it has brought to me. My heart brought me in my emotion to see life through the emotion with which I am coloring it, in the emotion I listen to life and from the emotion I am coloring it, I am coloring my life from the emotion that I carry in me.


I know that coloring my life from my own eyes I notice what kind of color I have inside me, I know that whatever the color I place on life is actually inside me, I know that life is full of colors, but I pick the color that is in me. In the contact with the other I notice the same, everyone looks from the color that he carries inside himself, I look, just like others, from my own experience, this reminds me that the experience is a carrier of color and every emotion that  I will experience will add color, in the experience is the heart that is activated, in the experience the emotion brings color.


I conclude today’s message brothers and sisters: life is emotion, emotion is inside everyone, the experience that you give in the contact with others brings with it color and produces color in others.


With my heart colored by a thousand hues, I put in you the joy for our contact.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life Is Not About Objectivity is the Message dictated 28th October 2010




Life Is Not About Objectivity messages


Life Is Not About Objectivity


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