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When Words Are Music Notes

When Words Are Music Notes


When Words Are Music : my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, right now, in front of all of you, words put you in contact with my emotion, it’s a great joy for me to be here with you, it’s like embracing you and placing my great Love inside your heart, a heart that loves can do so much, these words, born form emotions that flow into you like a river; my dear ones, my beloved ones, words become music for those hearts who are listening and place inside you the impression of closeness of your heart to the heart of your brother Jesus.


My dear ones, my beloved, I announce to you how great is my love for each one of you, how sweet is the contact that I feel with you, the wonderful sensation of being together, the infinite happiness at speaking to you, words that I send to your Souls. Words from the heart for you. I speak, you listen, I leave you with the images of my heart loving you, I leave you with words that speak of my Love, this is my music, that you are listening to. When we care about another heart, we hear music in the voice, it’s the music produced by the heart that is in love, music that talks about Love, the music filling the words in this moment is actually my great Love for you. The music that illuminates the eyes and the mouth, it’s the instrument that vibrates in the music as you speak. These words of Love are music for you, for your hearts, words, music for your hearts.


As you listen, you feel the joy that I bring you, the happiness, the immense Love that I feel for you. Now your hearts are listening to my voice, they are listening to my Love. The images I donate to you exist inside you and, when they are in contact with your heart, they illuminate you and put you in a position where you are not only able to understand them but also feel them, while the words, and the music donated to the brothers will come back to you like old memories.


Brothers, sisters, when words are music, it’s your heart that speaks out the words, your emotion is music, it’s the Love that you donate in the music, the words can be felt vibrating with the music, the feeling turns words into music. The words are heard through the music, the words are heard in the emotion that is saying them. You donate words, and as you feel them, they send the music of your heart, the voice of the emotion, the words you listen will be in the emotion. The love you felt in the emotion will be sent by you to the heart that will be in contact with your emotion, I love you, Love, it’s music, it’s your Love that you donate through music notes.


My dear and beloved brothers, and my dear and beloved sisters, my music is for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


When Words Are Music Notes  was the Message dictated 1st November 2010




When Words Are Music Notes


When Words Are Music


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