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The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence

The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence messages


The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence : my dear ones my beloved brothers and my dear ones, my beloved sisters, I am with you, today and always my Love shines into your hearts, it expands inside you, here I am, inside you, I am in contact with you, we are always in your heart, it’s so sweet to feel so awaited expectantly by your hearts, here I am, I shall start speaking, but what I am placing inside your heart is Love and what I feel inside me is a world of joy.


My hearts, my beloved hearts, I would just love, love for our Love to be together all the time, every moment of life, from the heart how I would love for this emotion to be with me as I move through life together with you, facing every problem together, rejoicing every moment in which we will give voice to Love from our heart, I would love for the forgotten past to find my voice in the present, this is what I would love, that the time of the Sky can be lived also on earth, in your hearts, united like in the past time.


You have so much Love in the heart brothers and sisters, this Love used to shine in the past, I saw it, inside each one of you, this Love inside you makes you wonderful creatures, it does not shine from the body, it shines from every moment of Love you bring into life; every moment of playfulness and there you are, in every embrace there you are, in every deed you do for others there you are, there, you are that, it’s you that every time you meet someone you place the thought of the other person in you, it’s you that every moment you tend to someone you activate your Love, you who opens your arms to be of help, of support, and all these words that are donated, you have witnessed others in sickness and have brought wellness back into those hearts, you are the ones seeking to do good things in life, you are the sweet rest that concludes every day and opens up tomorrow. And if you feel that I am complimenting your heart, it’s true, you are correct, I am complimenting your hearts, I am complimenting you, because it’s Love for me to see you shine so bright in the Love on earth, despite the fact that it is so difficult for a heart that does not feel the Love of the Father constantly in the center of itself and all around it.


You are wonderful my brothers, my sisters, in every moment of your heart when you offer to the Sky your expression of your Love on earth. Just like right now you are bringing joy as you listen to me. Here, it’s the experience of the heart that you are bringing to the Sky in the experience of life on earth, and every moment is recorded by the heart and will remain your baggage for when your sweet eyes will meet with ours. Allowing Love this experience, because through my words your heart may cherish more and more every moment of your life, experience of the heart, experience of Love, experience of being a heart in existence.


My Love is with you, come on, let’s live, come on, let’s love, it will be joyful my beloved ones, being in your hearts, truly together all the time.


I embrace you inside your hearts, my treasures.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence was the Message dictated 8th November 2010




The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence messages


The Experience Of Being A Heart In Existence


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