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Honesty Value Of Life Teachings

Honesty Value Of Life Teachings


Honesty Value Of Life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am, I am with you, united in your hearts, being in the experience comes from feeling, it’s not what I see but how I feel this experience inside my heart, I go through life with the eyes of my body but the entire interpretation of what I see comes from the emotion, the source, these are the true eyes: what I perceive in my emotion when faced with reality; I embrace a body in the reality, but in my feelings I am experiencing in that body Love, consolation, help, support, understanding, complicity, how could I embrace while feeling hostility, oppression, grudges, superiority and finally pain, this is why the meaning of a gesture is determined by what I feel, not by the gesture in itself.


Being in contact with the emotion is being in contact with the gesture in its meaning, it’s being in the experience in that precise moment, a moment that tells us about the Love that we are activating, or not activating, toward the other heart. We feel the Love, we feel our difficulty to love.


Just like we feel ourselves being transported by our Love to the other person, a transportation that despite difficulties expresses itself within all the rigidity, at the same time we can perceive in the heart the transportation from the other, his enthusiasm, or his rigidity.


This is the experience that through the hearts defines the relationship among us.


What happened? The heart asks itself, is there a problem in the other person if at a certain moment what we feel does not correspond with what our heart was expecting?  Expecting honesty, this is a common problem in life. Everyone, when facing a question involving our feelings, tends to obscure what is being felt. Despite the fact that the perception is very clear, your own emotion is being denied.


That heart replies sweetly “Is the error inside me?” and it always will find an answer in its own errors. The answer that is inside you contains another message, the message of itself as error.


When on earth we witness two creatures going through these difficulties, in our hearts we would certainly love to suggest both of them to be honest in the heart, honest in how they express the feelings they are experiencing, and honesty with themselves when asking what your heart has decided to be an error. You and your eyes place honesty in your moments in life.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, this reality that surrounds you, full of deception, may it not represent your teacher, listen to the inside of your heart, bring honesty to yourselves and others. This is what I dare say to you today, honesty towards feelings, communicate what you feel in your difficult moments, time after time, including the questions that you feel when in difficulty, you will give your hearts the possibility to feel respected in all those messages that are sent at the time of the experience.


I know, it’s the history of creation, running away from our feelings, taking refuge in the mind, negating our own emotions, but what you are leaning toward is to be true in the truth of the heart, being your own authentic creatures, experimenting yourselves in what is your real Being, placing honesty is the necessary prerequisite for it.


Here we are, just like every brother, we are experimenting, we are getting to know each other, we are conquering the vision of what we are in the truth, in the honesty.


May this topic, my beloved brothers and sisters, always be present when you listen to your heart.


With passion I embrace you and I place passion and hope in your hearts.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Honesty Value Of Life Teachings was the Message dictated 11th November 2010




Honesty Value Of Life Teachings


Honesty Value Of Life


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