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Life experience of us as Love

Life experience of us as Love messages


Life experience of us as Love : my sweet and beloved brothers, and my sweet and beloved sisters, I am with you, I am here with you to speak to you once again of the meaning, the sense of the life you are leading on earth; for many of you, listening is an opportunity for growth, putting yourself in a reflective mode with every message, thus growing more and more aware that the Love, always present in your heart, must be experimented through the many situations, to be defined in the “I”, it comes through who we meet, who we love, we make experiences, we gather experience.


Experience, the meaning of being on earth is exactly experience, today your eyes of the Sky, of the Spirit, are in the dark, discovering yourselves through Love as being connected with the Spirit determines your own recognition of being creatures of the Father Creator.


The Love that beats and that does not belong to the physical world, the Love that places in front of your eyes the other person as if they were us, the Love that pushes you to consider earth as a resource for possible goodness, it’s all inside you and through the contact with your heart you can conquer it all back again.


Therefore you are going through the experience of rediscovering yourselves in your Love and in the light of the experience you make contact with yourselves in what you are, with the emotions that move within you, with the joy or the difficulty to express what you really are, and your passage through the experiences allows you to meet your real selves.


Who am I brothers? I am the one you turn to, and who gives you a response, I am the one whom you welcome and gives you a response; all situations you experiment through your life among brothers generate a response about what you are.


And here comes the reflection, intervening in the contact with the heart on what you felt in your emotions, those emotion contain messages about me in terms of myself, or a contraction of myself, that I have been able to express represents me, today I am this response, perhaps Love is what I have brought to others in this moment? Is the Love I feel inside a possibility? Love in the contact?


It’s through the Love we are living now that the experience of what we are comes to us, experience of us as Love, experience of the limits that we meet when being Love, the journey continues, we define ourselves along the journey, what we feel in the heart is a constant experience, in the emotions we feel the contact, in the joy in the heart is the happiness for what we are, happiness for our being a full expression, happiness because being in the joy is an expression of what we truly are, of what we carry inside us, and is expressed to all that surround us.


It’s the expression of joy that speaks within us about who we are and what we think, as we live by moving toward new experiences.


Remind yourselves of the moments of you, what you expressed has been the moment in which in your heart there has been complete recognition of what you are as a creature.


I am with you and I hug all of you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life experience of us as Love was the Message dictated 29th November 2010




Life experience of us as Love messages


Life experience of us as Love


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