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Joy For The Goodness That You Donated

Joy For The Goodness That You Donated In The Time Of Existence


Joy For The Goodness That You Donated : I am with you my precious brothers and my precious sisters, here I am with the joy of being with you, this is the impression of your brother Jesus Christ, I am full with joy at being here and speaking to you right now and through my words I express to you my great joy; being here with you during the time of your existence on earth, to bring you a message about the consequence of the goodness brought about during your life, this is joy for me.


When on some occasions you bring Love to one of your brothers, your heart lights up and inside you the goodness you left behind leaves a trail, a memory forever; not only are those situations recorded, but also every emotion that was generated inside the heart during that moment. You bring with you these trails, these memories of emotions you felt, and you keep accumulating experiences of yourselves through these moments.


One day, in this Sky, your past will return to you, moment after moment that you had accumulated in your heart, the heart that records, you will see every single moment of your past and it’s you in that past, the heart the in that moment will send you the images and the emotions of a lifetime. Your heart is like a video recorder, and your entire past remains saved on a tape, in that moment you will see all situations, all recorded like a video with sound, they will go through your heart, that like a button will continue on through time. Everything that has happened, you will be able to relive it simultaneously, the emotions you felt, all the emotions of the heart, and even the emotions your brothers felt, and so the recording that speaks of you will continue through the many moments of Love you experimented.


Somebody thinks that in the end there will be a finale, a judgment with regard to the past which will then determine the future of that heart, and it’s the joy that will decide the future experience that the Soul will experience.


There are many brothers who, after having seen this recording, respond with a need to express Love, and they choose an opportunity to experiment in their own heart some elements which do not have a strong presence in them, for example, continuity, constant presence to an affection, loving with continuity because in their own existence they discovered that the relationship with the other person was very erratic and because of some reasons continuity was not given to them, living the experience of a Love, experience of the past, interrupted for some reason or other, did not allow that heart to place inside it a Love that is constant, instead there are only faded images, or through some situations your loved ones on earth will be helped, strengthened by this continuity.


For other brothers who did experiment their joy within a continuity, will lean towards taking on a new commitment where they will express themselves in the same continuity, and this effort will be for others, for all those who are in need, bringing support and vitality to the heart.


The experience continues in the heart, what was experimented during life on earth, in this meaning, determines the choices, the effort, the discovery one himself, this discovery is what the Soul, the heart, will continue in the Sky.


The existence you are all leading, the life you are going through, it prepares you for this, you live through the heart and through the heart you register life and you write your every action through the emotions, the experience will be one of joy for the goodness that you donated.


Next to you I am happy, I remind your hearts that it’s not so much the experience in itself, but the emotion you felt, this is what will allow for the joy inside you on that day when you will revisit your entire past and you will be able to isolate Love from every other feeling.


A kiss and a long embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


Joy For The Goodness That You Donated In The Time Of Existence is the Message dictated 25th November 2010




Joy For The Goodness That You Donated In The Time Of Existence


Joy For The Goodness That You Donated


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