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The Value Resides Inside Me

The Value Resides Inside Me messages


The Value Resides Inside Me : my beloved dear brothers and my beloved dear sisters, I reach out to your hearts through this message, I come to donate words to you so your life can become an opportunity for constant growth, yes, constant; we bring Love and our words donated to others when we transmit our emotions allow them to listen to us in their own emotion, listening to our words brings the impression of a heart that is speaking, how sweet is that brother as he speaks, this is the image that you are sending through your emotion; this brother who is speaking now, if he is not understanding that he is creating this impression, then his emotion of having enriched that heart will be distant, he will perhaps only understand that he contributed solely from the possible reaction of comfort that the heart will bring.


The impression that the emotion is creating is already a form of donating, when I speak to a heart I create an impression, this impression is already a way of donating myself; the impression mirrors the emotion being felt; I am that emotion; regardless of the final result, I have donated the content of my emotion.


So many times I see brothers where the much awaited result is delayed in manifesting itself, and your heart becomes impatient, you are the ones who, through your interventions, place that brother first, ahead of your heart, if the help does arrive then you have helped, but if some time passes by and that heart does not send a confirmation, that’s when you start to doubt your being of help, but my dear ones, it’s just the time that is necessary to that heart to take from the past and understand the help.


This is why, my beloved ones, the contact with the emotion you feel is very important to define yourselves in the present, I am doing something for Love, this is my emotion, this is the impression that my emotion will create, this is what I am donating in this moment to the heart I am speaking to. This is what defines me inside, inside me within the Love.


A judgment of importance is what I place outside me; the sense of importance, the value, resides inside me.


Being sweet resides inside me, I am that sweetness I am feeling, I am what he is feeling, the value resides in me in this sweetness I am feeling, you see my brothers, sweetness resides in me! A sweetness that I feel and that defines my “I Am”.


I Am is a constant experience of me, in this moment the I Am is the experience of sweetness that I feel inside, this is my value, the I Am as an experience of growth.


I continue to love you, it’s a constant experience of you whom I love, this is defining me in the continuity.


I embrace you with all my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Value Resides Inside Me was the Message dictated 22 November 2010




The Value Resides Inside Me messages


The Value Resides Inside Me


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