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The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person

The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person messages


The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, it’s so sweet to feel here with you, your thoughts, your emotions, seeing you inside your hearts, this voice that speaks with you, I love you, it’s so sweet to hear each other when we tell you that we love you, a Love that shines in your hearts, just like it’s sweet to hear words that send Love, my brothers I love you, my sisters I love you, it’s so sweet to feel this affection that communicates my voice outside of me. Love is my reality of life, I continue to come to life as a heart, as Love; this Love is for you, my great Love is for you, you are the source of my Love, you are the content of my Love; I love you very much, I follow you in the daytime, I follow you at night, at every moment my heart is beating next to yours and I look at you through the eyes of emotion, of my Love.


For you summer and winter, a day of light, a day of night, your existence continues in your moments, your presence in the heart, your absence from the heart, moments where making contact alternate with moments far away from the heart, your experience of you towards other is fragmented.


When I place my emotion to guide me, I will have continuity, but if I place my experience to guide me, I will be continuity in the experience; if today the experience is Love, in the heart then I will be my experience of Love, but if later on perhaps I will have a problem, then my heart will be in the experience of being irritated and I will not have an experience of Love.


The experience remains completely inside my heart, but the experience will communicate from the heart the moment.


Through the meaning of what I am living I express the feeling I am experiencing, life is continuity in the meaning.


If the meaning is that of being brothers, there is no longer day or dark, but simply Being among brothers; if the meaning is that of being family, no day or night, only Being family: if the meaning is that of being Love there are no longer moments of the experience, but continuity of your own Being Love.


From the meaning you go through the experience as a possibility to Be in the meaning, we accept the experience as a moment where we can define our own Being in the meaning.


The great value I feel inside me is meaning, what I am basing my own life on, what I listen myself and gives me happiness, what makes me a Person, what gives me joy at Being so, what is constant over time. A sweet occasion to ask yourselves, my meaning, what defines me as a Person, that –me- tries to identify itself through the experience.


Over time is the discovery of the meaning and then placing it to guide is, this is experience of continuity.


My darlings, while I am looking at you I reach your hearts and I embrace you with happiness.


Your brother for you Jesus Christ


The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person was the Message dictated 18th November 2010




The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person messages


The Meaning What Defines Me As A Person


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