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Love toward this humanity that contains all

Love toward this humanity that contains all of you


Love toward this humanity that contains all : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, in my heart the joy is exploding, and inside this joy I speak to you, I accompany you, I make myself comfortable next to you and I feel the words coming out with my voice, they are words of my heart; being among us to speak, and once again speak to you of the path you are going through, so full of difficulties, in the constant comparison with the difficulties that the material world places, and the continuous comparison with all the expressions of the world of brothers.


Today I am smiling as I look and listen to the errors that my brothers are making, and I feel compassion, there was a time when I was there together with you on earth, and the emotion of sadness is what I often felt, so many contradictions, so much suffering, so many brothers using negative and violent behavior, being on earth and feeling alone, and then one look at the Sky and feeling so very far away: I have memories of those emotions. Then, being around on earth and meeting you, and bringing you my message, it was sweet being among you, and the thing that I appreciated the most was feeling that my heart was in contact with so many hearts, my brothers. I felt my heart full, swollen with Love, happy to be able to speak, and their eyes, the eyes, their eyes would light up, those eyes spoke of Love. Such an emotion, those eyes, it’s the biggest memory I have inside me. I remember having been on earth. These are emotions I felt inside me.


And now, today, I look at you, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I look at you and in your eyes I discern the emotions of my past, today I listen to you and I feel the emotions that my heart has known, this humanity, this feeling far away from the Sky, far away from Love, and so many of us being in the dark, the path in this humanity is that of reflection, and lighting up in the Love, illuminating this darkness. I knew that along the way towards Love, just like rays of light, you will bump into people who, just like you, have the same eyes as you, and in their eyes you will see the light, and your eyes will shine with Love, and your eyes will know my past.


If you start from your heart in your exploration of humanity, a humanity that just like you feels itself in an impression of darkness, your heart will already be speaking of Love, and through this journey of light it will fill the earth with the light of your hearts, and many more hearts will feel Love toward this humanity that contains all of you; brothers, sisters, forgive errors, darkness is what makes them err. The strength that you need on your journey is in those eyes, when their eyes light up.


With you my brothers and sisters, my Love in the journey, so that my Love may illuminate them first.


With you, your brother Jesus Christ


Love toward this humanity that contains all of you was the Message dictated 13th December 2010




Love toward this humanity that contains all of you


Love toward this humanity


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