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Making our loved ones happy every day

Making our loved ones happy every day messages


Making our loved ones happy every day : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today our affection descends upon you who are preparing for Christmas, all lined up in your cars, time for shopping, so many needs, “what shall we buy?”, sometimes just the thought of the needs of the material time, “what will they like?”, and another thought, making people happy, is generated from the heart; how many times during the rest of the year did we worry about making our loved ones happy?


Of course, the moment is indeed special, those who opened their homes are about to welcome guests in, and take great care of everything, organizing to make them happy, they are all invited, without thinking of the difficult contact with this or that person, you just need to create intimacy ad even this difficult relationship can be understood; those decorations on the balconies, they create happiness, colors, lights in movement, they bring happiness to the world. Your Christmas is a moment as an expression of your happiness, both inside and outside the world.


And then there are the gifts of the Christmas trees that bring joy, its Christmas, everyone works on placing sweet joy, you even seek just one smile to be happy, and even along the road you have happiness with flowers and decorations that illuminate the streets, so, so much effort for one day of happiness. It’s your Christmas, a day of happiness.


And then there is New Years Eve, an explosion of hope, so many things important for your existence are hoped for, may the new year bring those to us; the heart is full of hope for good things for us, and with joy you uncork a bottle, the new year has begun, here I am, ready to receive gifts, the realization of all my hopes. Your New Years Eve is a celebration for you.


Do you see how the heart participates with its joy, its happiness and its hopes? And it’s all in that one moment.


Brothers, sisters, it would be important to place this effort of the heart all the time, transforming every day with the effort of the heart, for today building happiness in the contacts, understanding for those brothers full of problems, tolerance and a way to intervene without hurting, loved ones to make happy every day, and always care toward others every day, and always care toward others, seeking even just one single smile, happiness toward others through consideration, being together with you and responding to life with your hope for another possibility that awaits you.


Your heart speaks of itself at Christmas and it places you in contact with these emotions that are so important for you, would it not be better to cultivate these emotions day after day? To cultivate is to give voice to the heart, to cultivate is to give opportunity to be able to express your own affection, to cultivate is to understand, to cultivate is to place the light of the heart into illuminating all that is outside you.


In my joy, all of my heart for you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Making our loved ones happy every day was the Message dictated 16th December 2010




Making our loved ones happy every day messages


Making our loved ones happy every day


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