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Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you

Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you message


Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I descend with you, brothers, sisters, I descend for you, to allow you the contact with my words, with my heart so full of Love and joy that I feel for you I come to bring you the experience of my heart to you, as you go through a moment of experience of the heart, a continuous moment, albeit a moment of unawareness.


You live, you do things, you think, you reason, but at the same time it’s through your emotion that you experiment your growth. Those are emotions you express at all times, in the heart you feel all of the situations of life, your emotions reflect the life in you, emotions to the actions of your brothers, their thoughts, what they reap from life, everything in your heart creates emotions. This is why I explain that life is emotion, because inside you is where life is, in the emotion you created.


You see, as you listen to this dictation, while you listen to my words, the emotion is inside you, you are thinking of your heart and you are noticing how truthful the words I am telling you are, you look at yourselves, and there is emotion, you discover an emotion that accompanies you all the time, and that determines your emotion toward the outside.


Everything is emotion my brothers and sisters, do you see what we are? Who I am, I am the heart that expresses emotion, I am the totality of these emotions I feel, I am in this totality, I am in this constant emotion, I am in this continuous emotion, I am myself in the emotion that moves inside me at all times. If today I listen to myself, brothers, sisters, I feel life in me, in the feeling that I am experiencing I am experimenting myself, what I am feeling brings information about my real me in that precise moment, I am what I am experiencing, I am, brothers and sisters, I am exactly what I am feeling.


If the situation is generating emotions, then the emotion created is speaking of me, and through my feeling I understand myself in what I am feeling.


I understand how my heart reacts to the event, I understand what my heart is feeling in that moment. I understand what my heart is feeling as a consequence of a fact that took place in the reality that I am going through.


This way you see that life is not inside what is happening outside of you, but it is inside what happening in you in the many emotions. Life is the emotions that are happening inside you. This is what you are experimenting, your heart expressing itself through life.


This morning, speaking in this time frame, my words have generated emotions in you brothers and sisters, they are the same words dictated for all my beloved brothers and sisters, but you are feeling your hearts, the emotions you generate inside you are highlighting you, listening to your heart speaks of you.


I know, you are not yet used to gathering the truth from your emotions, but if you keep on listening to yourselves in your life of feelings, you will easily see it in the contact with your own truth.


One moment, just one, to embrace you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, because in my embrace is my emotion, my joy as always to be of help to you, this is what I am feeling, my joy to be here with you, my joy to be here for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you message was the Message dictated 20th December 2010




Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you message


Jesus Christ my joy to be here for you


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