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Individual conscience and collective conscience

Individual conscience and collective conscience messages


Individual conscience and collective conscience : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I want to continue to speak to all of you about conscience; many of you agree that conscience and Soul are synonyms, the conscious is made of Love, just like the Soul is made of Love, and your interpretation is correct, but in the language with which I am communicating, the conscience is what you call a conscious experience, the part of your Being Love that is aware of your Being Love, therefore your conscious is awareness of being an answer of Love when faced with a stimulation, it’s thus an evaluation of Love of the event.


As you live on earth, you experiment as a heart, you feel as a heart, you question yourselves as a heart, you tap into yourself as a heart, you give your Love as a heart, as it guides you in conquering your conscious. This is the journey that you are undertaking at individual level, which is also a part of the collective conscience. Your journey is you as you bring a contribution to the collective conscience, a collective conscience that is always fluctuating with your contributions.


More than once I already explained to you the value of every movement of your heart when contributing to the recognition of the same movement of the other person’s heart, of the other implied as a collectivity, your individual progress over time determines the progress of the collectivity.


The expression of your Love determines therefore the growth of the entire collectivity. Variations in thought, in the many expressions of the human species, are determined by the growth of many hearts, therefore every heart is precious in being able to determine the change.


Many of you who express a need for change, as you place your Love on the field you determine that change, even toward the hearts that sense much less the real possibility to be a change. What the human being considers a long lasting change, a meaningful, conquered change, is determined by the movement of the various consciences of the human being present in that moment of life on earth.


Your conscience determines now the journey, the evolution of the human kind, just like it has always done.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, it is the responsibility of the heart to implement the change, every heart in its expression of Love places Love in the heart of all, and from the heart participates to the evolution of everyone in the name of Love.


What we do, what is important to us, as a heart determines a change in that direction, Being Love determines a change and growth of the hearts.


As always at your side


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Individual conscience and collective conscience was the Message dictated 17th January 2011




Individual conscience and collective conscience messages


Individual conscience and collective conscience


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