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Concept of dignity of every creature

Concept of dignity of every creature messages


Concept of dignity of every creature : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am here with you once more with the desire to help you notice that in this world it is possible to change the course of what is the world today; you are tired and have lost your faith, the impossibility of change becomes an emotion that, over time, presents itself in the heart more and more; I know, however, this is the difference between our visions, I know that what is ugly and offends the heart brings with it a stimulation to change, and over the course of time humanity leveraged this stimulation and brought about changes, and the change over the course of a few centuries was so intense that it was conquered by every heart at a level of consciousness; right now I am thinking of the evolution of the concept of dignity of every creature, this recognition today is given to children, and it was not like this in the past, and while on the subject of children, once again this strong concept of dignity imposes nowadays attention to their abilities, their aptitudes, their desire and fulfillment of their own identity.


Do you see the change from the past, my beloved brothers and sisters?


This evolution did not present itself like this, by itself, over the course of time, but it was the collection of the stimulation from the tragedies of the past that has brought the concept of dignity to be affirmed by the hearts.


Many of you, even as you talk on the street to weaker people or disadvantages people, still have the recognition of dignity of the other person. This Love is affirmed in the concept of dignity.


There are still many movements with which your conscious has to confront, one factor for every one of them is the violence caused by death, more than a movement it’s like a real wave of the conscious against the death penalty in the last few remaining places in the world.  In the world you witness it less and less, I see more and more the collective conscious mobilizing for a true condemnation of the crimes that reflect harm against the dignity of a person. More and more your hearts ask for justice, not death penalty. Progress, this is also a precious progress of the conscious of all of you.


Today we witness many more episodes that propose a new form of concept of dignity, the work, the human capital that produces wealth, this dignity that all too slowly affirms itself completely against the financial capital that is its expression.


Brothers, my sisters, dignity in being a worker is the recognition of the identity of the worker, in what he produces, in what is activated with his effort, identity in being in the precious mechanism, essential, this is the dignity that awaits the recognition. There are many episodes where this dignity is being offended at this present time.


My discussion, brothers and sisters, places a question mark in front of you, what are you thinking of right now? Is this progress very distant? Ask this question to your heart, to your conscious. If in your conscious you perceive your job as a further expression of the concept of dignity, from your heart you will disseminate respect for every worker, not only for those you meet, but for every worker in the world.


Brothers, sisters, your conscious can assert itself over time, what grows and matures in you will determine the result of the change in the world.


I am with you with all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Concept of dignity of every creature was the Message dictated 13th January 2011




Concept of dignity of every creature


Concept of dignity


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