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The value of forgiveness messages

The value of forgiveness messages


The value of forgiveness : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, my word reaches you, my heart dictates words in the light of my Love, my heart beats for you and I listen to my heart speaking, it talks of the desire to reach you and love you even more, my desire for you is to place light into your heart and face life together, so that your desire to be a heart may also e possible on earth, and to donate yourselves with much sweetness.


Those who surround you in this moment of your life are generating countless emotions, from joy to pride, but also pain and even desperation. There are many things around you that are not good, and many brothers leave the result of their mistakes on the road, and this is how you too end up feeling emotions of impossibility to reach the peace that you desire inside your heart.  When the tension inside the heart becomes relentless, aggression presents itself as a way for you to get rid of tension, it’s a mental process before it even becomes a concrete action, a subject that faces the cause of your own pain; thinking this way stretches out into your thought of possible consequences, and possible consequences are never there to build something, but to impose themselves upon the minds, causing the pain that yourselves have experiences. In pain, in the thought, you cause pain.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, there is another pain that you will have in the heart: the brother, hearing the words you will speak, will very likely pour renewed aggression upon you, and something that was supposed to be liberation will become a new, different oppression, another greater pain. Here, my brothers, are the consequences of your aggression, and the heart can only place distance, and as it distances itself from that brother, it will place some distance from the cause of the pain.


And so, how can we face in a constructive manner the pain that we are feeling first in our heart, before we begin harboring the thought that determines aggression?


To forgive, my dear ones, in light of the awareness of what you are, my beloved ones, when the message about you is of non value, think of yourselves for what you are, what you built on your journey, what important things you have donated from your heart, attention and Love donated from you to your loved ones, every experience you had that built your own selves today, that which is important to you is always a part of you.


Forgive, because the problems are not inside you, but in that mouth that, by speaking, is placing pain in your heart; only those who do not use their hearts can cause pain in others, and place actions of violence in the heart of others.


Only by forgiving you can free yourselves from the pain, and to do what is right for you.


Forgive, the non value that is making your heart suffer right now is you, as you recognize that your worth frees your heart and reinstates peace in you.


My beloved brothers , my beloved sisters, to be peace among your brother there needs to be peace inside you, and being in peace inside you lies in the recognition of your own worth.


I say goodbye to you with a big hug, with my heart happy to be with you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The value of forgiveness messages was the Message dictated 10th January 2011




The value of forgiveness messages


The value of forgiveness


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