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Respect for every form of creation

Respect for every form of creation messages


Respect for every form of creation : happy Holidays my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, it’s holiday time, and still we dictate these words to you, words that come from the heart, I smile as I look at Sara Luce who is waiting for my words, words that are born inside me to create contact with you; the Love I feel embraces the words and what I feel as I communicate with you, is that these words will reach the world of the brothers and will bring light into their hearts.


This love waits for the light to become ever more intense, this heart has a big desire to be of help to all of you, this heart listens to all of his brothers, their requirements, their needs, their problems, the many emergencies of today’s worlds, well, here, these words come for you, they want to bring you hope, and with the effort of Love from everyone, from us here in the Sky and from you on earth, a certainty that over time the importance of every creature on earth will be confirmed.


This is what we will all be able to build over time if your heart, starting from today, will have respect for every brother and sister, respect for nature and every form of life, respect for everything that resides on earth. Respect means recognizing the value of what is not yourself but is a part of us, nature, human beings are essential for us, we exist through nature, through human beings is the experience of being alive; these hearts beating together with us allow our hearts to beat too, emotions need others to be in the heart, and so we live thanks to others, who are the instrument.


What we receive from others causes emotions in us, and this is the instrument that allows us to listen to ourselves in our hearts, to know ourselves, to be in harmony with the Love that we express inside us.


The consideration of the importance of something that is not only our being goes beyond the information that others send to us, it has a value in itself as a creation, isn’t’ that correct my brothers and sisters?


Every element of creation has value as an element of creation.


Many brothers and many sisters place themselves as elements of the creation, but on a level of superiority in respect to all elements of the creation, there is such self confidence at being able to manipulate many other elements of creation, but the only reason they can survive and live their lives is thanks to these element of the creation. May this truth be inside you and, over time, promote the important value of respect for every form of creation.


When Love expresses itself within respect, then every creature recognizes itself as important, and there will be cooperation within respect, and all of our doing will be with consideration to others as a part of us, us and them as equal parts in the evolution, and belonging to the same level of importance.


Attention toward every form of creation will make the future world know respect for every creature.


When the dignity for every creature will be recognized on earth, brothers, sisters, there will be respect for each one of you. Many problems that you are facing are the consequence of what I explained, here, now it’s your turn to gain awareness of what you do in the value given to others,  it always produce value of your being.


With lots of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Respect for every form of creation was the Message dictated 6th January 2011




Respect for every form of creation messages


Respect for every form of creation


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