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The words of the Sky dictated for humanity

The words of the Sky dictated for humanity messages


The words of the Sky dictated for humanity : first of all, happy new year my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am to speak with you, a greeting to all of you who have started a new year with the resolution of being more and more an expression of your heart, the greater expression of yourselves, being a manifestation of your own Love, being a manifestation to yourselves and to others of your Love, Love on the field, through the situations that life will bring, being your own heart in its expression of Love; what a sweet proposal, accompanying the first few hours of this new year.


Then the news on the media show great violence, and the heart asks itself “What can my heart do?” and the discouragement accompanies the question. It can do, the heart of every creature can do, it can bring change, transformation, affirmation of values, justice, respect, tolerance, accordance, Love as the Law in relationships.


Brothers, sisters, today we create the tomorrow that we feel right in every heart, for this reason the news reports highlight to us the universe with its contradictions: the heart that knows, and the enormous difficulty in realizing what is contained in the heart.


Being on earth is not easy for the heart, the temptation to not be a heart and instead to take advantage of our brothers is always there, power to impose, money to own, injustice to stand out among brothers. “What can my heart do?” being, just being, when I am a manifestation of my heart, I am already changing this reality in the world of brothers, I am in my expression and I exist as a possibility for everyone to be, I am this heart beat, in this coherence I respect myself in what I feel as a value inside me, I am an expression of what I feel, promoting change is to start from my heart and to bring into the world of brothers what is happy that is inside my heart. This happiness I am feeling in the knowledge of a world that is fairer, this is what I am carrying inside me. In my being Love, a manifestation of my Love, this is what I am carrying in the world.


Where there is injustice I carry parity within respect; where there is suffering, I am carrying Love; where there is even the tiniest creature suffering, I am intervening by bringing a manifestation of me as a heart; I am changing my entire world by carrying my Love.


This is what the heart answers to itself: I intervene by Being Love.


This, my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, is the light that you carry.


United with you


Your Brothers Jesus Christ


The words of the Sky dictated for humanity was the Message dictated 3rd January 2011




The words of the Sky dictated for humanity messages


The words of the Sky dictated for humanity


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