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Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God

Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God the Father Wishes for a Happy New Year


Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God : my sons, my daughters, it’s always a joy speaking with you, my beloved sons, my beloved daughters, my sons that I keep so close to my heart, my daughters that I keep so close to my heart, the joy I feel is for you, my effort is all for you, my effort of support, my effort to give you courage, those beautiful moments when I enter your heart and I give you words, and I leave hope inside you, my words want to guide you toward the possibility, because it’s the facts that decides, and not you, and whether the possibilities become occasions, or sweet relationships so important for you, or efforts and fulfillments, may it be hope that guides you from the heart.


Do you understand the sweet help that I am communicating to you? Life is like a dream, when you walk in a dream you meet characters and situations, and life is similar, you encounter situations, brothers and sisters, and you meet with them, let’s see what will happen, important, fundamental, this is what you will see, however it’s life that brings us to situations, hoping for what life brings us is like realizing the importance of every moment, in what can be the consequences, it’s in the importance, in living every moment as important, this will be the great treasure of the life that you encounter.’


You see my beloved ones, life has it course, but you determine it through the consequences, and this is true for everybody, whenever you feel hope, whenever you live important moments, every occasion will shine, every relationship will shine, every effort and fulfillment will shine.


Everything is important, every tiniest moment in life has its importance, everything is important, every situation you encounter, every meeting among brothers, every situation of life has importance, it’s an opportunity for growth, it’s an opportunity to be you, it’s an opportunity to be a treasure for you. Hope and joy with every meeting with life and this will be a great treasure in you.


And now that the New Year is beginning, may these words I dictated to you guide your every step in the dream of life.


The Virgin Mary, Mother of all her children



I have tears running down my face, it’s the emotion of hearing my Mother speak to all her children, the eyes that see her heart shine with Love for all of you, my mother feels so much Love for you, it’s so touching for me to see her, for you, all for you, this important discussion, for her children, for life, you can not hide from life, but rather you can live and transform every occasion into an important event, like her discussion is important, life is to be lived as an important occasion, like a dream.


May this message rest within you, in your hearts, and may it guide you into the New Year, and may it place a treasure in you.


For you my wish of a good new year.

Your brother Jesus



As a Father my wish for a new year: may earth shine from the heart of my children, may your Love bring light into the darkness of conflicts, of horrors, of the many injustices, many are suffering, many are awaiting help, may life from the heart be important also in these directions, important because your brothers are part of you, and only your help brought about on earth determines a lasting change, you are the conscious of the world in this moment on earth, and we support the fruitful change.


May your Love shine and may it be the light of change.


From the heart of all of us, happy New Year darlings.


Your God the Father, an infinite kiss of Love


Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God the Father Wishes for a Happy New Year was the Message dictated 30th December 2010




Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God the Father Wishes for a Happy New Year


Messages from the Virgin Mary Jesus and God


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