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My help words that come from my Love

My help words that come from my Love Messages


My help words that come from my Love : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, today we will continue on the topic of you being of example; do you remember the experience of you in front of the mirror? what you saw was your pleasure reflected to you by the mirror for you, for having been available to help, this is what the sensation of pleasantness reflected back to you is, for having been of example in helping others in need; all that you experimented.


You see, the experience is accompanying you and it brings depth into the contact with the other, you are more attentive, more receptive, ready to question yourselves on what is the possible answer to a need that is shown to you. You are during the course of your life, you are much more present , today we still think of the mirror as an opportunity to put some happiness inside us from the image that we wish to see reflected in our eyes, then, over the course of time, what we will see our image reflect will be the feeling experienced by the heart, the emotions of joy that we will feel will be the body that now we are seeing in the sky, and the emotion of wholeness that we will feel substitute the image of the complete Me, reflected today by the mirror.


Let’s see, there is another person needing an answer, she seems to worry about the events that await her tomorrow, what tomorrow will be like, and to many this is unknown, it can not be a specific answer to these problems, because there no manifestation of the problem of today, therefore there is no specific intervention that I can advise, but with her voice she is transmitting fear, apprehension, she does so using her body, so my intervention aims at the heart; just like she knows fears, I do too, the nervousness,  what was it that helped me when I felt that way? Perhaps it was the feeling of not being alone, and so I can communicate the feeling that I am not the only one in the world who is worried, and so your participation in this anguish the other is feeling could be your help; the thought that the possibility for something to happen is not necessarily a certainty, and therefore a thought of hope is what you will send to that heart; if I look at myself, at what my heart felt, at the answers that my heart waited for, I can communicate and help even within this more indefinite context.


As an answer to my help, I will not have a solution, but a heart that feels, together with mine, in an experience among brothers, this experience that placed vicinity is the experience of being two hearts that are busy in this specific moment in living the experience in the place called earth. Passion being produced as a byproduct of an emotion in the heart is therefore the result of the deep contact perceived in the heart as you were in deep contact with heart of the other.


What I am experimenting in this understanding is passion,  in the unity of hearts, mine and the other’s heart.


This emotion pushes me to look at myself through he Love that I am communicating, and I am speaking through my heart, my voice comes from my Love, the words, what I communicate, comes from inside me from the emotion, and this is myself too: words that come from my Love.


A sweet reawakening: I can transmit from my Love.


I embrace you very tightly, my brothers and sisters


Your brother Jesus Christ


My help words that come from my Love Messages was the Message dictated on 28th February 2011




My help words that come from my Love Messages


My help words that come from my Love


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