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Message from Jesus being an example

Message from Jesus being an example reflection in the mirror


Message from Jesus being an example : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I would like to talk to you of one of the most important subjects for you who are walking on your journey on earth: you being the example.


Let’s begin, brothers and sisters.


Well, one day I look at myself in the mirror “this is who I am, I recognize my eyes, my features, the body I have grown used to looking at through the eyes of others, being pleasant and groomed in my appearance has given me the confirmation of always being presentable to the eyes of others, a pleasantness that I know others are appreciating”; this comment in front of the mirror does not highlight your behavior, your own being, the affection that I feel for others, it does not point out the daily efforts, it just highlights the awareness of how important it is for each one of you to look good in the eyes of others.


And then doors open up to life, people appreciate me for how I prepared myself, my look: people who appreciate my choice of clothes, the accessory, the shoes, but then as I get closer to them they ask me for some advice, they ask for my opinion, they keep calling me asking for help, I feel as if I am among people who are in need, I belong to a city and to a world that has a lot of needs, then I see on television that there are so many people who know violence and war and pain, that the earth is trodden by so many bodies and each one of them seeks peace, safety, needs freedom and wants an existence where, with work, one can exist on earth easily, and then I hear again of another being who is falling in love, or another who is exchanging love together with their children.


Well, existence is teaching me that in every movement my Being is being involved into an emotion from this entire world that is planet earth. Each one of those bodies feel his own Being being urged by this same reality that is the world, earth.


I ask myself a question “Being in this world only has meaning for my needs, or do I reflect what I would like to receive by tending to the needs of others? And if I was in the other person’s shoes, what kind of help would I ask from people?” Only by helping  can I live the experience of being of help at a time of need, being advice, being opinion, like help in need, and my action that is addressed to others can also be itself an experience of help in need. What I am discovering is that putting myself in their shoes, and taking upon myself their need and being at the same time of help in need sends me a pleasure in my own Being, it’s exactly the image that is reflected of myself that is pleasant, this emotion that I am now living and that I am feeling inside the heart is pleasure, I listen to myself, I have been of help in the world, I am feeling pleasure at my image; no purse, no dress, no accessories can light up this kind of emotion inside me, it was my Being that lit up as I was helping. And my Being turned on as I helped, and this emotion that I am experimenting right now is sent to me by life, I feel alive, I feel important, I feel happy with myself.


This day is coming to an end, and I still see myself in front of the mirror, and I look at my reflected image “Well done, today you have been of help and you have confirmed the pleasure that I thought of you, few words but action, this is what I am appreciating of you today. Tomorrow, I count on you”… and we set the alarm for tomorrow, good night my brother.


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message from Jesus being an example reflection in the mirror was the Message dictated on 24th February 2011




Message from Jesus being an example reflection in the mirror


Message from Jesus being an example


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