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Existing in the emotion the voice

Existing in the emotion the voice of the heart


Existing in the emotion the voice : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, I am with you, I look at life with my eyes, the experience of life has begun with your body and concludes with the death of the body; life is therefore the experience of the body for you.


Your being in that body is like facing all that life brings to us in the emotion, being born is an emotion, growing up, developing, it’s an emotion, through the emotions come the experiences, being among yourselves means to always feel emotions, then you experiment Love as an emotion, you are emotion, inside those bodies you are an emotion, inside your bodies you are the heart that feels an emotion, you are a heart inside that body, an emotion that you experience in life from inside out; only emotion guides you through your life over the course of time, from the inside you give a direction to your bodies, your thinking and your actions, and you realize for you and for the community; what you deploy as you move around in life is your heart, the Love you have inside.


You are the ones who, through your movement, bring your voice out about the Love that you feel inside. You express this Love all the time, in every moment, inside your body. Your Being represents Love that is being expressed. In every expression, your own body sends to the other person the emotion you feel as you Are Love. Life is therefore an experience in your Being Love. The experience you mature is your experience of Being Love.


To the eyes of today each one of you feels your on past as emotions that you lived over time, a baggage of experience of emotions, this is what you have lived and this is what you are in your present time, and now as you listen to yourselves you can ask yourselves how you expressed yourselves in your Being Love, what kind of expression you have brought through your Being. And again by asking yourselves, does your expression coincide with the expression that you hold inside?


The expression of yourselves in the emotions that you feel is your freedom, freedom in your being in movement, freedom of your being expression of the heart you are carrying, freedom is Being in your own experience, freedom is Being a voice of your own emotion.


What does it feel like to Be yourselves?


The experience of life inside your body is an experience of enrichment of the knowledge of your Being, you are here in your full freedom, you impress movement to your body with your Being, it’s an experience that allows you to measure with the complete experience of your Being, here there are no Teachers of examples to guide you, here you are teachers of example for others,  you are experience by virtue of your Being, you are an example, an example in the experience, your Being is the example.


Everything you are maturing in this experience of life in freedom will be your precious baggage when you will leave your body, when, as you will leave your body, you will feel yourselves one more time, Being Love, which your body had guided until then, now continues on life with that baggage, life as it grows can give the possibility to know yourselves and to experiment yourselves, until the voice of the heart will reach a full expression of the heart, of the Love that you have been carrying inside forever.


In every experience you seek to be an expression in the freedom of what you feel, of the emotions that move inside you, you give voice and arms to the Love inside you, and inside you is where you conquer the freedom to Be, freedom to Be Love.


I am embracing you with all of my heart


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Existing in the emotion the voice of the heart was the Message dictated 21th February 2011




Existing in the emotion the voice of the heart


Existing in the emotion


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