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Affirmation of reason when you meet

Affirmation of reason when you meet difficulties


Affirmation of reason when you meet : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you, I bring my help with my words, I respect all brothers and sisters, I understand, I look beyond the appearance and I notice the difficulties that you pour upon the world and not only earth but also our Sky; when you meet an enemy you think of the world as an enemy, the Sky as enemy, death, suffering, every infamy, every single injustice becomes your personal enemy, and it alters the word, both earth and Sky, and turns it into a personal enemy for you; this is what you think in reality, an enemy. Your face changes, so do your emotions, your intentions and your manners, and when words reach you they are always the words of an enemy; what to think of this communication, they are words of an enemy and bring deceit and you miss the light that those words are carrying with them.


To those who are listening, I invite you to always assign a meaning to death, to suffering and even to every infamy and injustice, assign a reason for all of them. The reason for death is that it’s a passage to the Sky, a reason to suffering as a gate to the Sky, and every infamy and injustice as reasons of the world, the earth still knows injustice and horrors. The evil on earth has its reasons, if the Sky does not intervene there are reasons, you need to face life thinking of it not as an enemy, but the reasons that add up one on top of the other in life, this is what will bring you to intervene, to place your presence, to take care of things in the best way, and even to know how to pick up every help that is sent to you from earth or from the Sky


For those of you who are listening to my words, assign a reason, put yourselves in the world, facing reasons, and place yourselves with Love to face the reasons.


With all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Affirmation of reason when you meet difficulties was the Message dictated 18th February 2011




Affirmation of reason when you meet difficulties


Affirmation of reason


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