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The change bringing yourself to the world

The change bringing yourself to the world message from the Sky


The change bringing yourself to the world : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters I am with you and our hearts are all united in a big embrace, now for us is time to be united to be able to speak, to listen to each other and reach understanding; understanding helps comprehend aspects that  are not always are very evident; in the day to day life things that you usually tend to, the weight of materialism brings you to feel of this earth, to feel so consumed by this reality as to feel yourselves as being material, like the things that surround you, and the light that is inside you fades in the contact with your day to day life; living seems to be always the same moment, always the same in the emotion and you look at others as creatures in your same condition, dead inside, and in your eyes this humanity has certainly the possibility to realize, to promote change, reaching the goodness for everyone, the possibility is there, but this condition of daily  puts this possibility to realize always as a possibility, and not as a concrete intervention, a movement that is taking place.


A potential, my brothers and sisters, your potential is inside you and in the apparent condition of your daily lives.


Your potential change, being able to transform, happens when you place yourselves into the world, this is the important change: wanting to place yourselves into the world.


Today humanity is waiting to place itself into the world.


Being yourselves in the world means to involve yourselves in this humanity, having in front of your eyes their needs, their necessities, their problems and your own being of help; you can be of so much help, from the tiny little situations to the more complex ones, bringing yourselves into the world is starting from the heart, your deploying yourselves is to start from the Love, it’s seeing the other in yourselves, it’s bringing your emotions to the other, it’s living the emotion at the same time, this determines change, being yourselves in the emotion, in the bringing of your emotion to another heart like you.


Being yourselves, bringing yourselves in the world gives a meaning to your life, and this humanity will know that change that it has always being carrying in its potential.


I am with you always my brothers and sisters, my emotions are united with your hearts, with your emotions, to being the heart into the field.


May our embrace last forever


Your brother Jesus Christ


The change bringing yourself to the world message from the Sky was the Message dictated on 7th March 2011



The change bringing yourself to the world message from the Sky


The change bringing yourself to the world


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