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Being on earth the precious experience

Being on earth the precious experience for the Soul


Being on earth the precious experience : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, here is my contribution to life, for you an experience of what has always been inside you, the Love that you have been carrying inside all the time as Souls; here on earth, in this moment, recognizing that what you are carrying is your Being Spirit, your recognition as spiritual creatures, determines a change of perspective when faced with the meaning of your being on earth.


Materialism everywhere allows you conditions of experience as a Spirit. Through materialism what you experiment becomes a treasure of your Soul. Everything that surrounds you allows you a constant experience when confronting yourselves with your heart; feeling, seeing, noticing others, every contact you have with life is a constant confronting of yourselves, a constant determining the intervention in the heart of yourselves; every day brings this experience, a constant confrontation with yourselves.


What I am communicating to you brings inside you the attention to what you are experimenting of yourselves in the experience, brothers and sisters, in what it is to feel, the emotion that you experiment when in contact with life, emotion as an expression of the heart that you bring.


You mature an awareness of yourselves in what you bring into the experience of the emotion; you notice the movements of the heart that are stirring inside you; your every expression speaks to yourselves of how much you heart is communicating to you and from the eyes of the heart you feel how this experience is bringing who you truly are into the world.


Brothers, sisters, if you could see your heart as they speak to you all the time as if it was a real voice, you would understand  how the experience of life on earth is probably the most important experience of a heart in its eternal nature. Appearance and reality, finite and infinite. Being Love, or closing yourselves from events, through materialism every process places a question mark to you to be an expression of yourselves.


My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, it’s very important for you to gain awareness of this continuous experimenting yourselves in life, you are what the existence faces in its Being, thus defining itself.


This is the experience that sees you involved, this is the life during your moment on earth, this is the precious experience for the Soul, and you are living this precious opportunity.


From the heart is the expression of you in life, you feel this experience of life from the heart, you learn about yourselves in this expression from the moment of life.


An immense embrace my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being on earth the precious experience for the Soul was the Message distributed 10th March 2011




Being on earth the precious experience for the Soul


Being on earth the precious experience


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