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Being Love through life the concept

Being Love through life the concept of yourself as Spirit Messages


Being Love through life : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, it’s sweet to meet with you, being with you, seeing my words reach you, speaking with respect and reaching each other with words, my intention to help you is my number one, my effort to bring you the voice of my heart fills me with an emotion of joy for all the moments of that effort, and even later, when, as I look back at the constant effort, I feel so close to your heart that I am happy to go through life with my Love.


Situation by situation, I feel my heart go through the Love to expose myself, to give you the warmth you seek, the help and sustain you seek, the constant embrace that you seek, and words that illuminate the heart and make the road to travel on a little straighter.


Being, this freedom of my Being, Being my heart for you, bringing myself to you is source of happiness, being with you with all of that I am is source of joy.


I understand the reality as a contradiction of the many brothers that go through life and have the light in their eyes but they only stop on the material world, a need for material things, a necessity to expand in the material world, acquiring in the material world, the needs of your body in life, the contact among you as bodies, provoking the effort in all its context for the needs of the physical being and of the matter that it is made of, and feeding the endless mirage of bodies that last forever. These contradictions that I see with my eyes do not contain questions, because I know that your existence places material things in front of the eyes, but I observe your light and the effort you make in your existence so that you too can be Spirit, Love that moves, manifestation of the heart, and  I think “Then the reality of brothers is not so limited as to only understand that which is material, those eyes do see that the purpose is not the matter, that the effort is not for materialist, that it’s not just the body that exists and the immensity of the Sky is not in those eyes, but feeling you in this heart that brings inside you the Love as a possibility to Be beyond matter, Being expression through matter, Being that leads the body, Being exchanged Love, Being in the contact with another Being, Being in conquering expression and promoting freedom of expression for another Being. This Love that beats inside you goes through your existence and donates to you experience of you as a heart, it’s such a fulfilling sensation being in the emotion, such joy feeling manifestation of your own emotion, so much wealth feeling Love in your  Being, and in what is now your existence, albeit with the various problems, is your Being Spirit that goes through earth, matter, contradictions, because beyond that darkness you know of your immortality. Therefore that passage for you from body, from matter, to the concept of yourself as Spirit is not impossible, you just need to hear the fact that you are a heart in its content of Love, and that’s when you realize you are Spirit; when you look with the light of your eyes beyond the contradiction, you clearly see how every man, every woman is Spirit inside, it’s a heart that is experimenting, it’s a heart that is meeting, it’s a heart that is constantly living inside itself real life emotions, and gives a voice to these emotions”.


This evaluation is in front of my eyes and in front of those of many of you who do see hearts leading their existence, emotions that situations in life end up producing, the heart that is alive and speaks, and speaks at all times of you as Beings, in the process of regaining your own freedom.


Tonight, these contradictions that are still possible make the hearts ask themselves, you proceed in your bringing the light, illuminating the night, and moving toward the light of the day; the effort that you bring into your Being freedom, the effort that recognizes Love inside you, it’s all light that radiates upon many.


Your brother embraces you in the Love in the continuation of our sweet Being.


Jesus Christ


Being Love through life the concept of yourself as Spirit Messages was the Message dictated on 28th March 2011




Being Love through life the concept of yourself as Spirit Messages


Being Love through life


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