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Prayer and contact with the Love

Prayer and contact with the Love from the Sky messages on prayer


Prayer and contact with the Love : my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, I shall answer your numerous question on what we feel through the language that your heart expresses, this is an answer you seek when you feel you belong to different religions or don’t even believe in a religion, professing and welcoming, or denied welcoming? as you ask yourselves, you ask us questions on our criteria, as if your own hearts were not important to us, from the first to the very last heart; we have always talked to you, but each one of you professes his belief in his own way, but this was never a judgment to speak to you or to omit words, and the very same judgment has always been absent; what is the point in criticizing you? you are Souls in front of the Lord, my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, and you are growing, each one in your own time, but with a message, the words always bring every heart to reflect, and this is what is important for us, being a stimulus for growth for you.


Many others words of other’s religions serve the same process of reflection and growth. When, as you listen to the many words present on earth, a heart asks itself questions, it learns and places those words to be his guidance in life, those words have donated growth.


And so, for example, an atheist that volunteers himself to others will have the growth that you, as you donate yourselves, recognize as the fruit of the contact with the religion that you profess. From you and from the heart of the atheist, words given to us, we listen to both and they are requests for help to be happy in your donating yourselves.


For those of you who identify Love, being in contact with us is just feeling aware of the Love that accompanies you, that takes care of you, that answers your needs, that in this protection welcomes you with every need and looks with Love, and always guides you within Love towards growth.


This growth you mature has always words that correspond to prayers, and we take these prayers very seriously, because the help requested has other hearts, the wellness of others hearts as a catalyst for this prayer. The help, the intercession is not about the person who is asking, but others, it’s the thought of others that is manifestation of the prayer, and this is donating yourselves through prayer.


All this takes place through your heart that we are listening constantly in the words of Love that you express.


This is the agreement between you and us: being always in contact with your words of Love.


I am with you, I listen


Your brother Jesus Christ


Prayer and contact with the Love from the Sky messages on prayer was the Message dictated on 24th March 2011




Prayer and contact with the Love from the Sky messages on prayer


Prayer and contact with the Love


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