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The resurrection of bodies messages

The resurrection of bodies messages of Jesus Christ for Easter


The resurrection of bodies messages : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters here is the occasion in the year to talk of resurrection; there are many among you who are crying for the death of a loved one; the eyes do not see, the ears do not hear, things tell you that the person that claims so much love in your heart is no longer there, so much desperation, this contact that is missing, even the day seems useless in its great sadness; only an event could bring a much –awaited ray of sunlight into the heart; death that allows for reuniting; today, we wait in the heart for the event that brought us pain in the first place, the only possibility you manage to think of is your own death, so you can reunite, the heart is convinced that now is just time, then, a life together.


Today, this time for me to speak to you enters into your heart to place the word resurrection.


Many brothers think that time is nothing but the flowing of hours in the endless flow of existence, birth and death at the opposite ends, what happens is called existence; for us existing is always linked to the experience that you are making of Love inside your hearts, for us existing is every moment where you love from the heart, this is what existence is for us; existing takes reason from the heart in the moments where you love, existence is in this condition, and therefore our eternity is in this condition.


The experience in the bodies is only one in that of being eternity in the heart; yourself that has known the body at the moment of the end, abandoning that body, it is then dressed with light and continues to exist in the emotion, in the feelings, and it is a heart that begins to also feel another Love, that of all of us in the Sky; what a wonderful emotion that heart feels in that passage, another Love now warms him up; this Love that tastes like freedom, of much awaited justice, of continuous fraternity among hearts, of unity in the Whole; this is the emotion that your every loved one is going through, this is the resurrection of the bodies.


Through those bodies this Love has been with you, now the same Love looks towards you, feeling this paradise in all of its Being, now, in this joy, it looks toward you and to your cries, and wants to put consolation and it feels the emotions that you are feeling in the heart, and would like to add as a help the joy that it is currently feeling, but if you they are dead, how can they add this vitality? Today the tools to understand that life knows eternity are available to you, brothers and sisters, and they are available to the hearts that seek life beyond life on earth, and they are for all, for those hearts that in their humility see an existence of Love. Brothers and sisters, this is the experience of Love that you can have today, to understand that just like it is the end of the day, and the hour for existing on earth, what is infinite is the day, the time of the existence in what you are.


And we send our wishes from our infinite existence, from our joy in the infinite existence, from our joy for our infinite justice, of infinite Love for everyone, without any separation among earth and Sky.


Your brother Jesus Christ and the entire Sky


The resurrection of bodies messages of Jesus Christ for Easter was the Message dictated on 21st April 2011




The resurrection of bodies messages of Jesus Christ for Easter


The resurrection of bodies


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