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Where did the man end up message

Where did the man end up? message of Love dictated by the Sky


Where did the man end up message : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am among you, my heart comes to you, here I am I am this heart that beats for you, you brothers, sisters, my treasure, here I am, a heart that beats, a heart that beats for you; may my emotions place the Love I am feeling into the heart of all brothers and sisters, the joy of being here with you next to all of your hearts, I am next to your heart and next to my own emotions; the Love I feel is so great, the great Love I feel is inside me, what can cause this feeling that fills me with Love, and expresses itself in all of my Being? it’s the feeling that I have for you, my Love has your every face, has every face of this humanity in the experience of life, it has your face, all of you are generating my experience of a Love so immense; I am for you, in the eyes of these faces I see myself as if we were inside a unity that defines us in what we are, the heart as a bubble that contains all of us, one single unity, the heart.


Brothers, sisters, you are gaining experience of being a unity when your heart beats simultaneously with another heart, this unity that bonds you, intimacy in the feeling, this feeling of great Love that you experience and you gain experience of this feeling, a sweet unity expresses itself in the emotion, and still in the emotion you welcome the heart, identical to yours.


Brothers, sisters, what I am feeling does not have borders, all of my brothers, all my sisters, they are all hearts for me in our unity. When I come to you, the feeling is certainly not caused by something that do, but it’s your Being that generates the emotion in me, to my eyes you are first of all a heart, you are hearts, and the emotion activates itself in me. Then we can talk, reflect, advise, or even express ourselves in a comment, but first of all you are hearts of this unity. This voice that reflects from the heart could also express itself in a comment, but in this unity it would like to bring the heart to shine in the Love, this is the intention of every precise comment.


Today, brothers and sisters, you, in front of your eyes you have so much misery, bombs that destroy, violence spreading, where is the man that wants justice, equity, fraternity and so much respect? The man who rides time in the project of making every human being free? Making every religion free in the human respect? Where is the man who has in his heart also his unknown brothers? Is it you? For this reason I am asking you: to help you shine in my hearts; for this reason I am being called: precisely to help you shine.


What I hear as a question that you ask me, let me send this question back to you “Where did the man end up?”, “Are you men?” this is the question for the hearts and a reply to Love.


My beloved, may your reflection shine in the middle of your hearts, may my words reawaken you from the numbness and place on the field these wonderful hearts, and may my numerous words be as a guide in the many situations that come to the eyes of my brothers.


The experience of you in the heart, I kiss you my brothers, I kiss you my sisters


Your brother Jesus Christ


Where did the man end up? message of Love dictated by the Sky was the Message dictated on 28th April 2011




Where did the man end up? message of Love dictated by the Sky


Where did the man end up


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