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How can I fulfill all desires of the heart

How can I fulfill all desires of the heart messages of teachings


How can I fulfill all desires of the heart : sweet brothers and sweet sisters, I listen to your hearts as they ask for freedom, your heart asks for freedom, freedom to be itself; it’s freedom to create starting right from the feeling; being yourselves in the feeling of Love means to create everything around you as an expression of your own Love, it’s creating in order to place joy in those we love, it’s to surround your own loved ones with Love, our expression of ourselves creates a condition of freedom, of expression in those that we love; this is the freedom that you are seeking, every heart yearns for this freedom; this is the life of the heart.


You are in front of your heart beating inside you, every desire that comes from the heart leads to building this freedom.


Today, do pay attention to the desire that is inside you, how can I fulfill my desire, ask your heart, can I really do that? You can, as long as you start from Love.


All desires of the heart place Love in front of others and are an expression of Love itself.


When we have a wish, brothers and sisters, we make contact with the desire, and as we notice what we desire, we also make contact with the obstacles that we believe will compromise our fulfillment of that desire; and so, as we are Love, we do not have freedom if we believe that the obstacle could jeopardize its realization; every time we think of the obstacle we compromise the fulfillment of our desire, this is absence of freedom.


Where do we start with the realization of our desire? From the Love that determined that desire.


We think of our desire, here is the Love that we feel as we have the desire, my brothers, what a wonderful expression is the desire inside you, you are allowing freedom for yourselves to think of yourselves as having fulfilled that desire, this is important for that desire, you are in fact sustaining your desire with that expression, you are realizing the desire as you sustain  yourselves, as you sustain the expression of yourselves through a fulfilled desire. With this freedom you can overcome obstacles, every obstacle becomes an obstacle that your desire wants to fulfill, in the constant expression of itself, it will always face obstacles while being sustained by this Love that determined the desire in the first place.


This is the fulfilled desire: sustaining your own desire while always maintaining Love inside you, the passion that determined that desire, Love, passion for your expression in full freedom.


Brothers, sisters, with a sweet smile, go and give your Love in the world, let the expression of yourselves shine.


In the joy, Jesus Christ


How can I fulfill all desires of the heart messages of teachings was the Message dictated on 6th June 2011




How can I fulfill all desires of the heart messages of teachings


How can I fulfill all desires of the heart


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