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The project of the Soul on earth

The project of the Soul on earth for become a guide messages


The project of the Soul on earth : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, there are many hearts among you that need to understand the project, the end, this moment of experience of the Soul that is actually your Being on earth; there are moments when you desire your Being to be of value; of so much value, in fact, as to deploy all of your heart to fulfill an extraordinary project to lead brothers toward their own freedom, and for every brother who is currently not living that freedom there are projects of possible fulfillment; but, time and life’s commitments often leave the heart with an unfulfilled desire, and with pain inside the heart for not having had the possibility to deploy your effort; and that’s when frustration and a loss of meaning appear to your eyes when thinking of the meaning of Being in your life.


Many ask themselves about the project that they are carrying with them, almost seeking help with the fulfillment of themselves, of this grandiose heart, a heart that would like to be in the joy, precious in its expression, determining for itself and for its own world.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this is my impression: as you seek, you give too little importance to your Love.


To be a guide, a necessary prerequisite is the entire journey that the guide has taken, the experience matured while Being on that journey, depending on itself during the course of the experience, every instant of life lived in the journey, all this becomes a guide: the value of every second of your past. What makes a heart a guide is the experience matured in the Being while in contact with the world, the world of the brothers.


When we deploy ourselves in our everyday lives, we are actually expressing our Being, I am what my Being is now, right now, in this moment, they are emotions, thoughts, I listen and I feel inside myself, I am in the moment, I am experimenting myself in my Being, experience of my Being, it’s a moment spent experimenting myself in what I am, this precise moment holds an enormous value for me because I am experimenting myself in what is produced inside me, and inside me it expands to what is even outside of me.


What actually happens inside me when I suddenly find myself in the expression of joy? In that moment I feel my Love surrounding me from the inside, and it explodes in the freedom, this is what I am feeling, in this precise moment the freedom that I feel as I fully express my being, being happy is a freedom that I express in this moment, I express it without conditioning from my heart, the emotion I am feeling in the joy is freedom of expressing myself while in the absence of conditioning.


When I am in the joy I realize I am expressing the feeling that is in me, I am made of joy, and this is an important moment of my Being, my nucleus is joy, joy that expresses itself inside me when I come into contact with my nucleus. And I notice that conditioning is important to give me an opportunity of expression to my real nucleus, my Being, and I am conceding freedom to my Being, thus giving value to the current moment of reflection.


All this takes place in the hour, in this precise moment when my Being is experimenting itself, this moment is added to the journey that I undertook, the project of the heart: to reach the full and complete expression of myself already, while here on earth, a complete expression of my Being.


Just like Being means freedom for you, my Being among you is freedom, in Love everything is freedom.


I embrace you my brothers, I embrace you sisters, I am embracing you in the Love, in the freedom I am feeling, this is how I am embracing you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The project of the Soul on earth for become a guide messages was the Message dictated on 2dn June 2011




The project of the Soul on earth for become a guide messages


The project of the Soul on earth


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