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The journey of growth for your Soul

The journey of growth for your Soul the capacity to love messages


The journey of growth for your Soul : my brothers and my sisters, here, I am arriving to bring you firstly my entire heart for you; having arrived to your side is an opportunity for my Love to express an emotion that beats inside the heart for every brother and every sister in the world; now next to you I am sensing emotion, speaking to you, pouring my words out to you is a tool to place my heart in front of all of you and to give you first of all my emotion. I am with you my beloved ones, I am for you my beloved ones, and no matter how much I talk, my heart will desire to continue talking again and again; I love you, you are important in this precise journey, in this precise moment you are living on earth.


Each one of you knows the existence it is living, you are all going through a moment in this experience, in this precise moment you are living your existence, right now you are in your journey, in this precise moment you are living a moment of the journey for your Soul.


The journey for everyone is the present. It’s a present that for many people places in front of the eyes difficulties and pain, but in this moment this is the growth path for your Soul, brothers and sisters. You are facing this moment from the heart, accepting the life that is presented to you in this moment, only by accepting it from the heart will you be able to face the exact moment that you are living, thus freeing your Love. Love understands this suffering, Love understands the journey in its difficulties of the present times, Love takes on the objective of being an expression of itself even during this moment, Love that places itself in front of hearts that are suffering, those seeking Love, or an opportunity to continue to love. This is an opportunity for Love to express itself, beyond all other difficulties, and it continues its experience of itself, Love that faces life.


Beyond every worry, inside the heart there is the capacity to love, to be there for the other person, and capacity to understand themselves; me, in my Being that goes through the experience, I don’t’ want to give up on my Being, and I do whatever is possible within that moment, in the understanding for myself, understanding beyond me. It’s a moment when, normally, circumstances would make me close up, isolating myself inside my own world, closing up inside my pain, only being able to see my worries, I could, I could remain in this condition, but a life spent in this condition can not be life, because life, the life of the heart, understands life, the emotions exchanged, rising my eyes and meeting other eyes, and a smile that does not need words to be life for the heart that is looking, and so I place my Being in front of others, my eyes in front of others, my life in front of the life of others, and in this precise moment I will equally be heart, this Love that beats inside me. In this moment of pain, I am loving myself, life is inside me, life in this moment of pain.


My much beloved brothers and my much beloved sisters, life places many challenges to the ability to be Love, some of them are devastating, but through my Love and my effort, brothers and sisters, let’s raise our eyes and let’s look at life, let’s look at those eyes, the life inside them.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


The journey of growth for your Soul the capacity to love messages was the Message dictated 20th June 2011



The journey of growth for your Soul the capacity to love messages


The journey of growth for your Soul


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