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Destiny what is destiny answers

Destiny what is destiny answers from Jesus Christ about Soul


Destiny what is destiny answers : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, here I am among you and I shall ask you a question “what is destiny to you?” what is going through your mind right now? there is a concept of conquering among you my brothers, a thought of control, believing that many signs may guide you toward one direction, but also finding yourselves in the impossibility, seeing a project become unreachable, and so the concept of unpredictability is tied to the concept of destiny; all this going through your mind is a concept tied to your permanence on life on earth, and while you think of examples that you experienced during your freedom of existence, in reality you have accomplished your destiny.


In freedom you have made many choices, in freedom you have walked, you have had meetings among brothers, relations and romantic relations were created, you faced moments and situations, and while life went on, your experience of Being in your life was also continuing, memories, emotions, that is the baggage of your Being. The Being you are experimenting is in front of your eyes right now, and places in front of you an image of everything you conquered right in front of you. The concept of unpredictability is absent, you see, but it’s the concept of you that was being experimented during the course of events,  it’s exactly your expression that is so important in determining your destiny.


What will a Soul do in its freedom, in its independence, will ultimately make up his baggage and his destiny.


When earth will be abandoned, everything you experimented, everything you learned, everything that was an expression of yourself, is the baggage that you will need to take up again and evaluate, and this is the famous destiny. Did you give Love in the midst of this freedom? Were you being Love in your expression? Over the time spent on earth, did you live in freedom of expression of yourselves as Love?


In the expression you then think of this destiny, what you choose in complete freedom as an expression of you, this will be the baggage to evaluate in due time, on that day your destiny will be the expression of you that you are actually living now.


During your existence on earth you all have an important project: Being in the expression of yourself, in full freedom.


Love, Being Love, this is the project that you are all accomplishing in your freedom. Being Love is an expression of you in your reality of this existence, of this experience on earth.


May some reflection, in front of every situation, release Love as your expression.


I hug you tight and I kiss you on the heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Destiny what is destiny answers from Jesus Christ about Soul was the Message dictated 23 June 2011




Destiny what is destiny answers from Jesus Christ about Soul


Destiny what is destiny answers


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