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The value of suffering

The value of suffering and the value of a person words from the Sky


The value of suffering : my dear brothers and my dear sisters, I am with you, next to all of you, the Love I feel inside is strong for all brothers who are suffering, there are brothers among you who are suffering for the many needs, grieving, suffering in the body, nostalgia of the past, they understand in the pain that this existence is, at least on earth, somewhat limited, how can one understand when life abandons the heart, leaving only pain behind? when I look at these hearts immersed in deep pain, I feel like loving them even more, even though in their state of desperation they blame the Sky; there are so many brothers that blame the Sky for their pain, at all times, today like in the past, life through the journey of life on earth has known pain, a lot of pain, in the past the suffering brought about taking on of behaviors in the values, respecting more and more the creation and its creatures, pain was endured by giving value to those who were the subject of this pain; through the times, pain and illness and suffering were handled with research in the medical field, and the suffering was faced giving value to those who were suffering.


Today like tomorrow, once again bearing the suffering will bring among you consideration and value for those who have that suffering in front of their eyes and in their heart. In this progress the Sky donated its help sometimes by inspiring to create a project or by sustaining the hearts in the effort, an effort to tackle suffering.


You see, brothers and sisters, suffering is necessary, even today, among you, if you are growing is because you are learning from the actual suffering for the growth of all. This is what happens in your dimension.


To us, the value is the primary benefit, but for you the value needs to be conquered, achieved, recognized, and suffering helps in this progress.


The value of a person is not conquered, it’s already inside him, a Soul should be recognized for the value it has inside, not for what it could do in life as a Soul with its commitment; every creature, every element of the creation has inherent value, not for how it is used for the benefit of all. The denied respect, the denied value, this determines suffering.


Today in the pain you respect the value of those who are suffering, and you place your effort to make it possible for that heart to take the past and make it possible to acquire value from it, as a creature.


This message concludes by leaving you in contact with suffering, but even with these words that help overcome suffering; what happens around you reflects little value, you can face it together.


I kiss you from the heart, I am with you, surrounding you with light.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The value of suffering and the value of a person words from the Sky was the Message dictated 11th July 2011




The value of suffering and the value of a person words from the Sky


The value of suffering


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