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Feel the value of your heart

Feel the value of your heart the value of your Being Love messages


Feel the value of your heart : my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, today’s message touches on the subject of how much Love my brothers and sisters have to conquer, today in their lives of the heart; no heart is immune from suffering when in contact with the hearts of brothers it meets in life; all this pain, through the suffering, speaks to us of brothers who are distant from the Love inside them; when you talk of selfishness it’s because we have in front of our eyes a heart that takes the side of itself, for it’s own need, and that the heart feels, but then it seems to deny it when in front of another heart, violence inside a brother that feels the heart but then vehemently denies value to the heart of the other; possession, wanting for oneself inside a heart that feels, but then denies the freedom to the heart of another; damage, a heart that feels but within its damage it imposes suffering in the life of others; sending deceit into a heart that feels, but then feels pleasure in striking another heart; opportunity for a heart that feels, but then denies the negative consequences on the other hearts; admission of freedom in a heart that feels, but only for its own advantage, a real conquest of freedom; attack on the health of a heart that feels but that wants to impose its on will, denigrating and stepping on other’s hearts; every conflict that is imposed on others has a heart that feels, but violence imposed on the heart of the other; recurring to violence in a heart that feels is denying the value that the other heart feels inside it.


Here are some notions among you that, from the heart of brothers, generates suffering inside your own hearts.


As you could see, I always underlined “in a heart that feels” because in all of these hearts there is the contact with the thoughts of the others, but there is no consideration for the other’s value.


What in the past was your suffering, sometimes brought you to tolerate, to live great pain in the feeling, an effort to recoup its own dignity, your own value, an effort to be a heart even in that situation, an effort to remain in contact with the Love inside you, an effort to be a heart in the contact with others, what has been your journey was to recoup the Love inside you, but from the past remains pain, and the fear of new situations of pain, the pain that floats around others, that places your heart in a condition of semi freedom, restraining your freedom to Be, there is a need for time to recoup freedom, freedom of the heart, freedom of your Being, many words that are not yet of your Being, recouping Love means to place yourselves in the heart and feeling the strength of the heart, the Love with which you have been in contact and that made you feel the value of your heart, the value of your Being Love, the value of brining your Love into the world, the value that makes you precious because it has always felt respect for other hearts, respect for your heart, respect for everyone’s heart. Imagine what joy it will be to dive into your Love and sensing your being precious, the heart is an expression of itself within respect is precious.


May my words also reach many brothers who encounter difficulty in understanding that the biggest value, the most precious good, is the Love that is inside their hearts, and this is the only possession that donates happiness; there is so much happiness when you use your own heart, seeing around you serene faces is happiness, being kissed, this is happiness, the existence of joy and happiness around us, the heart that can achieve all this is a precious one.


In the Love, brothers and sisters, joy reigns supreme


In the Love for you, I surround you with my embrace.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Feel the value of your heart the value of your Being Love messages was the Message dictated 14th July 2011




Feel the value of your heart the value of your Being Love messages


Feel the value of your heart


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