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Joy only other people’s hearts can give

Joy happiness only other people’s hearts can give true serenity


Joy only other people’s hearts can give : my brothers and my sisters, what I am feeling is a great Love, what I am feeling for you is a great Love; with your eyes you look at me as you look at your brother Jesus who even in the life in the past, when I was among you back then, I was able to Be Love despite the reality of existence one heart; I tolerated so much suffering among you, and abuse, it was a universe of hearts that did not know themselves in their preciousness, and that are competing for attention, for fear of being left alone, for you money is another guarantee against being alone and abandoned; being among you has been like being among a multitude of hearts that were so scared from this existence that they existed not as a heart, but for this materialism.


What went on in the past is happening in the present. When there are difficulties, you fold up as hearts toward the material need to give you serenity. The situation for you in that difficulty is not in your unity that you will feel in the joy, but in the things of your materialism. What for you is so very important, the joy obtained from having things, can not erase from your heart the anguish of being abandoned, the anguish of being alone. The Love from the heart needs brothers, it needs to feel united, feeling as a heart that can count on other hearts, noticing the other, the other person’s smile following our words, feeling taken by the hand, noticing the other and giving your own hand to those in need; what is nourishment for hearts is the Love that comes from another heart, this, my brothers and sisters, is the need, and a happy heart is not to be found in an existence completely free from obstacles during their existence, but it’s a heart that speaks among hearts, that exists and that feels loved.


Now that you hear me speak life is flowing inside you and it’s beautiful to give this help, because you answer from the heart with your own emotion, and like a ray of sun your Love comes all the way to me.


Come on, there will be a solution to your problem, what’s important is that the Love around you, the interchange among brothers, will restore the heart with life.


Joy, happiness are not in the possession of purchased goods, or in what you could buy, this is not the stability that a heart seeks, nothing from the material world can make a heart happy in its simplicity, only other people’s hearts can do that, precious as a heart, through your exchange, giving true serenity.


Now I will conclude my message with some information for you: it’s summer, soon, as usual, Sara Luce will take some days of vacation from our effort, it’s a perfect opportunity for her to give some Love also to herself, and to rest, to recharge for this sweet but very demanding effort.


We will remain at your side, as always


May my blessing reach you into your heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Joy happiness only other people’s hearts can give true serenity was the Message dictated 18th July 2011




Joy happiness only other people’s hearts can give true serenity


Joy only other people’s hearts can give


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