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Many prejudices influence your thoughts

Many prejudices influence your thoughts listen to the heart


Many prejudices influence your thoughts : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, why is there this constant clash among your thoughts? your attitude of opposing one another, there are thoughts, and each one of them is matured inside that brother, they are not truths, they are just thoughts; if you listen carefully you can notice aspects that he may have not considered, or, on the contrary, he may have an answer on those aspects; the reasons, your reasons, they are influenced by your own emotions, from your limited experience of life, from what they send you, from the hearts that you breathe near you, this is what brings you to create your thought, but it is a limited one; a thought should be so expanded as to encompass in itself detailed knowledge of that problem, to allow to define itself as competent, but by observing itself and observing around you, where is the competency? many prejudices influence your thoughts, many of those brothers that speak by repeating what was said by others, much of their competence stops at the surface, and there is a lot of distance among brothers to meet them, and to make contact with them to amplify your knowledge of the action of the real thought.


There is no need to remember how much thoughts have changed over time, knowledge, the attitude towards listening, the exchange, the joint participation in an experience, maybe it represented changes, but only toward those who established contact, but still, those who are strangers are invested with thoughts that those who are foreigners are enemies. And in the world flows the need to offend and devaluated those in the world who are perceived as strangers.


But this happens also among yourselves, who are not strangers, you just need a simple difference of thought to make of two people two strangers who compete to be right.


Think of families, so many painful moments in those hearts that feel like strangers among themselves, think of how many relations notice in certain moments that they are perfect strangers one with the others, is it possible for the heart that feels Love for the brothers to change so rapidly it’s emotion in itself? When you listen, just listening, to the heart that is speaking, you value every word, what it expresses from its emotion and always as a heart, it remains present to you, but if you feel that in a word there may be abuse to yourselves, that’s when in the heart the stranger arrives, the stranger with whom to disagree, the stranger to whom you say offending words to bring pain.


There are words that can be said, that show problems that sometimes are so important as to send you an idea of aggression, words that express anguish, words that express great difficulty, words generated to be heard by the heart to whom they are speaking.


If you listen, my brothers and my sisters, if you always listen to the other heart while it speaks to you, while it gives you its emotion that it is feeling, a heart is what will always be in front of you, this is what you need to listen to: their heart.


I embrace you my brothers, I embrace you my sisters, I hug you tight to my heart, and I await to return with my words to all of you my loved ones.


Your brothers Jesus Christ


Many prejudices influence your thoughts listen to the heart was the Message dictated 25th July 2011




Many prejudices influence your thoughts listen to the heart


Many prejudices influence your thoughts


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