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Meaning of the passion messages of reflection

Meaning of the passion messages of reflection and personal growth


Meaning of the passion messages of reflection : sweet and beloved brothers and sweet and beloved, I have finally returned to you to give you my words, a sweet waiting, waiting for our meeting, to be with you, the hope to meet your hearts that need so much a contact with the Sky, of words of truth, to understand the great meaning of being on earth today, and in maturing experience of what is surrounding you today; my greeting to you, this is the moment in which, speaking, I live my dream, what I was waiting for in my sweet awaiting; here, I am in the moment, I am speaking to you and now that I can, I know how precious this moment is to me, because I can give to you while I am speaking to you.


You see, my brothers and sisters, the present moment has meaning, it’s not a state of waiting, and it will not be later, the meaning of our meeting is in the present moment, what will flow between us, what will involve our hearts, it’s only here and now, in the present moment, what will flow in the hearts is determined right now, and all the Love that will be mobilized is determined by this very moment. This is an invitation, my beloved brothers and sisters, to always be very present, aware, in the moment that you are living. That moment is important, not before, not afterward, that moment right there, is life. What am I feeling in that moment? Life.


Here comes the meeting, it’s important, it’s life; what I was waiting for, it’s important, it’s life; every meeting among you, it’s important, it’s life; every contact is important, it’s life; every exchange, it’s important, it’s life; every moment of your life, it’s important, it’s life. What we are is in what finds expression in that moment; when I am aware of the importance of that single moment, I will give the right reflection to my expression, I will be expression of my real me, complete in that moment, and in that moment I will be reflecting the expression of me. The Me is not only for the other brother in the other moment, but it’s also for me who, in my expression, does not feel, I know myself, and I define myself as a heart.


What I feel in my heart speaks of me in the present moment, in full awareness, speaks of this Love I feel, my heart is highlighted, evidenced in the emotions that I am feeling, aware of the reasons of the emotions that I am feeling.


My heart is immersed in life, through my heart I am feeling life. And if this is my heart, and my life, the life that is flowing inside me, then your heart, my brothers and sisters, is the heart of each one of you, the life in its heart, the experience that is maturing, the knowledge that you are gaining, the experience of Love beating inside . This passion you are encountering is expressed inside the heart as enthusiasm, understanding, joy, wanting to give oneself to the other, every project you feel being born for the joy of the other, this constant attention for the person next to you, there is only one word to define it: passion of the heart, contact with your Love, contact with your center, contact with you, contact in the life.


I conclude this message my brothers and sisters, by hugging you in the Love, I am truly happy to bring you my words, and expression to the entire universe of the Love that I feel for you.


From the heart of your brother Jesus Christ


Meaning of the passion messages of reflection and personal growth was the Message dictated 1st September 2011




Meaning of the passion messages of reflection and personal growth


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