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The needs in the contact with the other

The needs in the contact with the other heart the relationships


The needs in the contact with the other : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am next to you once again, dictating words and bringing my light to your hearts, along your journey you are gaining experience of the heart, in this unity with your brothers, precious companions, with their actions and their expressions they are always bringing your heart to confront itself with the emotion, and to activate answers within you.


My brothers and sisters, there are many answers, but it’s very useful to notice what your answers produce; you send a message when you answer, and the heart of the other person answers to that; your need is for the answer from the other heart, you give expression to this need, a need you have in the contact, you see in the other person a need that you have to satisfy, you seek contact to feel part of this unity, you seek contact to continue on the road that involves you as Souls, you seek contact to feel material to the eyes of the other, a creature of value, even in Love you seek confirmation in  the very answer, these are the needs that you bring into your messages of answer addressed to the heart of the other person. The answer always has a message about your needs. Listening to yourselves as you answer to the other person is like listening to your own needs. Now in the field there is your need, what you communicated to the other heart, what will happen with it? There will be an answer to your need, an answer of that heart to your need.


When you establish a contact, the needs are always important, answering each other establishes the flow of the contact and any new reactions.


When you speak, you establish a relationship with the other, and the needs as well as the answer to those needs, will determine the relationship. Always, constantly, this is how the relationship is defined. This happens while you speak to one another, it establishes the relationship among hearts.


In this message it’s valuable to understand how your daily life is the daily life of your relationship.


Many brothers place time in front of their view, their own job, what is necessary to survive, and then, only then, the time for relationships, and they do not notice that the entire day is actually time for relationships; in every answer given is the time for relationship, and it’s every answer, in its implication, that determines the relationship.


Therefore, my brothers and my sisters, my beloved, have calm and presence with every contact, listening to the needs and to the answer. Living in a conscious way is very important for your expression, knowing yourselves in your own expression, in feeling the heart, what you feel, the emotion that comes to life, you will participate in creating increasingly serene relationships.


My brothers, my sisters, I am embracing you, the time spent together in the Love is so precious, because, beside the words, there is my heart, which is full of you, of all my brothers and of all my sisters, and even if for you I am just a voice, this dictation comes only from my Love for you.


In happiness, your brother Jesus Christ


The needs in the contact with the other heart the relationships was the Message dictated 15th September 2011




The needs in the contact with the other heart the relationships


The needs in the contact with the other


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