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Being Love means to be at one with the other

Being Love means to be at one with the other messages


Being Love means to be at one with the other


My sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, while I reach out to you, my heart expresses itself in the emotion, meeting with you in this precise moment, and here I am in the love, your hearts are listening to me as I hug you into my arms, it’s so nice being with you and feeling you in the emotion that you express with each one of my words, your emotion responds to my Love, my precious brothers and my precious sisters, my heart beating is happy to be with you, now, my heart is willing to help you, to be one with you, in the light of an embrace, in the anguish, in the pain, in every moment of the journey, in the moment to face and even in the moment of joy, here I am , being one with your heart.


I am listening to this, my being one with your heart, being one with your experience, one with your life. Such joy, such happiness to be one, unity, with your heart. I feel you as you turn to the emotion, I feel as one in the emotion that involves you, and I enter into earth together with you. That which is involving you, that which is activating the emotion in you, here we are, feeling, that person over there, and in a unity we meet, words and emotions, and we feel emotions and then we speak words, and then we express emotions and even that heart is now opened to the contact. Me, at one with you, you willing to erase distances, the heart is trying to be at one with the other, to feel as the other and to tap into the heart to deliver words to the other heart, it could be advice, or a discussion on what was learned, but in that moment the most important thing will be that unity, the transmitting within that unity, this is what is important to the heart, the unity.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, in this unity the Love is expressed within the emotion, the two that become us, the moment where we are just hearts connected, one same heart living in the emotion.


It’s always important inside us to be in contact with our heart as we go about our lives, in contact with the emotion toward those people we will end up meeting, because it’s the emotion inside us that defines our being unity to the other, our being us or to constrict, to place distance between us and Love, which in turn can not flow. The prerogative is inside us, in our feelings, to transmit is a choice that our heart makes, being at one is a choice, but, if being Love means to be at one with the other, then this Love beating inside you, to be an experience of you with the other, needs to be a constant experience, an experience of being at one, of unity.


With Love I embrace you, may these words guide you one towards the other, towards the experience of unity with the other.


With my heart, your brother Jesus Christ


Being Love means to be at one with the other was the Message dictated 19th September 2011




Being Love means to be at one with the other


Being Love means


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