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Jesus Christ when the heart speaks

Jesus Christ when the heart speaks of what it feels messages of teaching


Jesus Christ when the heart speaks : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, I am with you and I am hopelessly in love with you, the joy at speaking with you fills this moment, I am for you in the joy, and I listen with you to my moment, may this moment gift my joy to all your hearts, feeling how much energy coming from my heart is transmitted and the energy transmits in the moment; how great is my Love for you.


In Love, hopelessly in love, in love with you.


In these words is my heart, my entire being.


I send these words to all of you, what my words are highlighting is Love, like the brush of a painter I am painting with my words my great emotion that I have inside me, a message communicated for you so you can feel me inside you,  so you can feel the same thing that I am feeling in my heart. What a strong emotion, it’s in my entire being, the Love that surrounds my everything, and that expresses itself in every part of me. I am for you, and right now I am feeling my heart and I can confirm that my Love for you is complete. This is the moment. May my Love meet you and put words of confidence inside your heart about my Love for you.


Today’s experience is about feeling me, this is the precious moment for you, the words that send the Love of the heart, and this is the moment of feeling what was being transmitted.


And so, not only words but also the voice are extremely important to transmit what is inside the heart, it’s to participate, it’s to bring what you feel to others, it’s to communicate the emotion that you feel in that moment, it’s being a heart that the other person is understanding through his emotions, emotions that speak of a heart and in the feeling, in the emotion that speaks of the heart in the moment, right now.


It’s a precious moment when a heart transmits what it is feeling, this is what should be shared in your daily lives; your Being Love should be to participate to those hearts in that moment when you feel in the joy, in the shades of Love, in the tenderness, in the pride at having participated to the wellbeing of others, in the joy for having waited for the moment to speak of your own Love, in the joy of talking of Love.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, sending your feelings puts confidence in the Love that you feel inside the hearts of others, you also seek this security time after time in the hearts of others with whom you have a relationship; what you are feeling is certainly coming to you through actions, through gestures, such joy comes from the words that speak of what is inside the heart, the feeling, the true one; much, so much is transmitted from the heart that speaks of what it feels.


Like a sun that is shining high in the sky, so is a heart that is speaking of the feeling that it has inside it.


This is a teaching about how to be among yourselves: may your hearts be like that sun.


I shower you with my Love, your brother Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ when the heart speaks of what it feels messages of teaching was the Message dictated 22nd September 2011




Jesus Christ when the heart speaks of what it feels messages of teaching


Jesus Christ when the heart speaks


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