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A beautiful day for the heart messages

A beautiful day for the heart messages the baggage is in every experience


A beautiful day for the heart messages : here I am among you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today is a day, this time that you call a day, this is for every one of you a moment of experience in this life you lead here, while your Souls are in a body that today is existing on earth; this heart that does not know that life, today and forever, is entering in this day to mature through experience.


Who am I really? The heart asks itself while the experience of living among brothers unfolds. Present, I am always present to myself, the heart beats in the emotions I feel, who am I? I am represented by the emotions that I feel, I am what I feel, I am only a heart that sends emotions to the world; extremely strong emotions, barely perceptible emotions, repetitive changes in the emotion, constant in the emotion while I am living; a heart that acknowledges emotion inside it, that reacts in the emotion to what I am living in that precise moment. I am a heart that is living and that is transforming the daily life into an experience of my feeling and I learn from myself from what I am feeling.


From my heart the day is an experience of Love. I can feel myself in my emotions every instant of the day, I just need to pick up the emotions I am feeling from inside my heart. Emotion, I am emotion and I live inside the emotions. Therefore this day is awaiting me, listening to the emotions that will stir within me. It will be a beautiful day spent listening, a day made up of every single moment with me listening, an important day for my experience of me.


Now, today my home is my kingdom in which to listen to myself, the home, the furniture I can see, it turns what the eyes see into an emotion; memories, families, pictures, they all produce emotions the second I see them; a voice that calls, they are with me, I am feeling emotion at the sound of that voice, and even the obligations produce inside my heart a number of emotions; a sound from outside the open window and this too produces emotions, it’s a child in the street that is now producing an emotion, all these houses, this is emotion through the contact with the neighbors, with their stories, with the current events, everything is emotion that I am feeling; we remember everything in the moment we feel the emotion, this baggage of emotion is often inside the heart in that very moment, in feeling myself I feel this baggage in me, my experience of Love expresses itself, the baggage is the experience of how it has been, of what my heart has felt over time, and this always speaks to me of the Love that I mobilized, or constricted in its expression, this speaks to me of the difficulties I encountered and of how much I have changed over time, everything is in the emotion that I am feeling.


These memories place me in front of a mirror and they speak of me, I am in these images, what I am seeing is being narrated by the emotions that I feel, this is who I really am, I am actually what the mirror reflects, and I am building experience so that the mirror may reflect the Love that I carry in me.


This is a beautiful day for the heart that is still living an experience in this journey that is on earth, because one day you will be looking at yourselves all over again with this very same set of eyes.


My dear ones, I embrace you, my heart is in love with you and is alight.


Your brother Jesus Christ


A beautiful day for the heart messages the baggage is in every experience was the Message dictated 26th September 2011




A beautiful day for the heart messages the baggage is in every experience


A beautiful day


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