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Loves expect manifestations of emotions

Loves expect manifestations of emotions from you


Loves expect manifestations of emotions : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, in this moment, as you are listening to me, you have gone along a road, and now, you have relationships with other people, these are your loves that start from a liking of each other and bring you all the way to Love that inside the heart produces a desire to accompany each other through a life together; these loves expect manifestations of emotions from you.


Today the heart is reflecting, busy with life, and is focusing its attention on itself, so many times your surroundings fill one with sadness, with pain, with anguish, with tension or anger, they are moments that the heart does experiment, but then the emotion does not remain locked up inside those moments and it drags on, while we continue on with our day. And so comes the contact with this Love that understands us, that understands our pain, our problems, and the heart knows the Love of the other and in that instant it recognizes Love in the words, the joy at helping us, the relief in giving you serenity and light surrounds your heart which was all closed up in the pain.


In the same day, a heart seeks contact with our Love, it needs to feel you close, it needs for your words to express understanding and bring light into the heart that shrank because of  the pain, and as you donate yourselves there is happiness for the relief that you can offer.


This is a day of your life, and it’s important, before it ends, that you notice that this relationship was built in that day when you provided from your heart the Love that unites you; you have nourished the affection in a time of need of the other heart, and so, on this day, you have renewed the affection that bonds you.


In this moment, as you listen to these words inside you, words as you listen to me, you ask yourself about the need to take the heart and always place it in first place, to always pay attention to what you feel inside your emotions, and even if life is full of commitments, life, the one that really matters, resides inside the heart, the experience of Love among you, this is truly important. How can I enjoy life if not through Love?


These words are in this message, but now you are here, you can give life to these words from your own emotion, through your own emotion you can place feelings inside the other person, you can feel the emotion that matters to you, you can inject life into your day.


I am embracing you brother, I am embracing you sister, I surround you with Love, now my heart is placing all my affection inside you, I am feeding Love to the bond that I feel is so important for me.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Loves expect manifestations of emotions from you was the Message dictated 13th October 2011




Loves expect manifestations of emotions from you


Loves expect manifestations of emotions


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