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Violence the product of consumerism

Violence the product of consumerism to understand violence


Violence the product of consumerism : I am with you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I understand in my heart what happened in the last few days in Rome, the violence that appeared on the newspaper titles, on so many televisions, and again among you at the rally; I understand the shock that this violence brought in you, just like I understand what determined the choice of using violence.


A choice made in the past determined the situation now, and my being among you is to help you understand how every choice generates consequences.


Today’s violence has roots in the choice of your consumerism, today what allows to being in front of others is the act of buying a good, possessing a good, showing the ownership of the object. Violence is already inside this trend of taking, of showing others as a symbol of your self worth as superior to the worth of others; this violence transpires through things. This violence perpetrates through your every possession. And these are the consequences today.


You forgot the reasons for what determined progress: being much more equal to each other for the survival of your bodies. Being in equal conditions among you for your necessities. Being among you through exchange so that everyone has enough for their necessities. Is this the progress that your eyes are seeing?


Again, in the past, work conditions changed, working in the past meant even placing one’s own life at risk, so many deaths in the past have brought, over time, the rights to work for all, survival as a condition of right for all, and now, what was it? Violence for many of those populations that have the earth as their only source of survival, working, producing goods for your markets without any rights at all. And this is again the violence that is being perpetrated today. And again today, in being among brothers, there is no condition of equal rights among you. Is it violence to you to offend the dignity of a man, denying him the right to survival?


Over time, instead of reversing the most wealth into creating opportunities for you, opportunities for work, opportunities for our survival, opportunities to provide to your necessities, to be autonomous and build with your relationships, today you are capitalizing with other outlets that are far away from you, today Banks propose investments and the Stock Exchange is replacing your brothers as the object of the investment. The claim that they are among you is a lie, they ask you to pay interest for every more than guaranteed help that you can offer them. Violence also belies in this aspect of your Banks that take far away from you many opportunities for your existences.


Violence explodes in the streets, and it’s all the product of consumerism.


While we reflect, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, violence in the hearts is for your own survival that finds it difficult to be among brothers, a dignity that is met with indifference from other brothers, this possibility that looks at tomorrow and sees only precariousness.


My brothers and my sisters, a change of direction is needed, regain your sense of progress, the value of dignity for the life of each one of you, regain your being among you in equal condition and equally possible opportunities, use your capacities more for the progress of all.


I place a goodbye inside your hearts with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Violence the product of consumerism to understand violence was the Message dictated 17th October 2011




Violence the product of consumerism to understand violence


Violence the product of consumerism


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