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The journey of growth for a Soul

The journey of growth for a Soul the journey of life on earth


The journey of growth for a Soul : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, my voice comes from my heart and reaches you today in this contact of Love, to be a guide for you who are making contact with my messages; this effort is poured all the time towards you today in those bodies on earth, we work so hard to always help you look at yourselves as a Spirit, as a Soul that lives inside your bodies, your body is the sweet instrument, throughout the many conditions of life, to be an expression of you and to be desirous of experimenting yourselves in your own I Am.


Today you see earth as a multitude of Souls experimenting themselves in what they are, as Souls, through their encounters, through the contact with you.


Of course, for you who follow my words this journey of rediscovery is ever more aware, but it’s in every other brother or sister who is maturing this experience in the journey of life on earth.


The journey of growth for a Soul is endless, even among us it’s growth, but in this present moment, earth is your field in which you are experimenting yourselves, the moment you are going through right now is a very difficult moment: the contact with the heart is not sustained by the vision of the reality of the Spirit, for you the material world exists, but certainly not the energy that makes up everything; your emotion is in the feeling, not in the seeing, even though in your feelings is where your find expression of what you truly are; these emotions speak of you, Love, joy, the wellbeing wished upon others, attention and help, this is what you are when you are experimenting who you are from your hearts. A Being who encounters difficulties in Being fully himself when in contact with the world where the reality of the Spirit is not perceptible.


This reality is the reality you are living, the reality of your world, a reality of being Souls, a reality where you do not see the energy of Being Souls.


Through the contact between you, however, comes the experience, for the eyes it’s something else but for the heart it’s another heart, and it’s always an opportunity for you to discover, in that contact both your expression and that of the other person.


What we call seeing a heart in our Paradise, among you translates to feeling that heart; what we notice with the eyes in our Paradise you notice when you feel a heart; seeing what happens inside a heart in our Paradise, to you the manifestation of what happens in that heart is to feel an emotion. A Being that finds in its interiority what for us is in his exteriority.


This passage is difficult if you do not notice through your interiority. A face could be marked due to thousands of reasons, listening to that heart will communicate to you its real reasons. You see the exteriority, but what’s important is what the Soul is experiencing. This is the field where you can confront yourselves: your heart always in contact with the heart of the other.


You are a heart that enters into contact with another, you are an emotion that enters into contact, you are a Spirit that enters into contact. You are in contact.


When you listen to yourselves inside your heart, you are in contact with yourselves, and the contact with the other hearts is born from within you.


Each experience in which you find yourselves is very precious, where you get to know yourselves in your expression and you listen to yourselves in what you are, and in this experimenting yourselves lies the deep meaning of being in this life, I feel myself in what I am, I am what I feel, I am a Spirit that is freeing itself to Be what I am, and I am an emotion.


Sweet brothers, sweet sisters, I accompany you in the life, I am a heart that accompanies your hearts.


In the joy of our emotions


Your Brother Jesus Christ


The journey of growth for a Soul the journey of life on earth was the Message dictated 20th October 2011




The journey of growth for a Soul the journey of life on earth


The journey of growth for a Soul


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