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How to restore the value in me

How to restore the value in me when a judgment seems to be expressed on me


How to restore the value in me : greetings my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, being among you with my heart is to be involved in your lives, in your experiences, and as I am with you I notice how much difficulty you are encountering when a judgment seems to be expressed on you, on something you did, on a gesture you did; well, a heart expressed a thought about you; careful, my dear ones, that thought gives you the opportunity to confront yourselves with that content, with that message; in front of your eyes you have a content, a message, different from what you expected, and you turn your attention to yourselves and to your actions.


Why do I sense a challenge to what I do in these words? In my understanding of myself, those words mean an error of myself, a negation of what I am carrying, I question the Love inside me, I feel the value of my action being negated, as if my entire value was being negated; this challenge that is moving inside me is a reaction to everything I am feeling. I am understanding your heart in the emotion that I am feeling.


I turn my attention to what my brother is saying, perhaps he noticed something that could be an error, but maybe it’s much more limited than what I am feeling inside, certainly this is a misunderstanding of what he determined inside me and perhaps misunderstanding of my heart in my actions. And so, what did my heart pick up through my actions?


I feel that I am questioning myself over the reason for my gesture, for a word I said, for the action that I am responsible for; as I question myself I regain the reason of  what I later produce; was what I determined today correct still, or should I have acted differently? So the note that was raised to me is leading me to regain the right value inside me, or the improvable value of what I did. I am in contact with my heart and this is the base for all of my improvements, of any of my progress, the base for the improvement of my affirmation.


If today, as I listen to what a few moments ago felt like a negation of my value, now I am fully aware of that value, did I act correctly, or could I improve myself to restore the value in me, that negative feeling is abandoning me, now I am just left with answering the question coming from that heart, and I have my reasons, those that I felt inside the heart, to be able to communicate with that brother who asked the reason for my action.


Of course, that brother could understand or not the reasons inside my heart that determined my intervention, but my action resides in the Love, and in my action I am expressing it. I confirm, or not, my proposal to improve my action, but what is really important is the Love that generated it.


This passage through your reflection, the understanding within the contact with your heart, will restore the peace in you.


In front of your eyes is your day, take example from listening to these words that I communicated to you, and today you can live in peace.


Inside the Love, our hearts


Your brother Jesus Christ


How to restore the value in me when a judgment seems to be expressed on me was the Message dictated 24th October 2011




How to restore the value in me when a judgment seems to be expressed on me


How to restore the value in me


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