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Donate your hearts the freedom to be

Donate your hearts the freedom to be your guidance message of help from the Sky


Donate your hearts : my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, your heart responds for you, in every moment the contact you have with the hearts of your brothers shines as light on your heart; every opportunity with which you confront yourselves is an expression of your heart; every moment in which your thought looks at the other  and it’s your heart that is the center; now your heart is listening to me and is at the center of your experience.


Therefore, if the center is your heart, then what has meaning is what moves within you, what you feel in your emotions, what speaks of you as I speak to you. Your emotion reacts to what I am feeling as I dictate my words, and what you feel inside your hearts is experience in the feeling to what I am expressing, what you communicate to yourselves in this moment is what you feel.


You are inside your emotions, as you feel emotions you are in contact with your heart; an expression of you is in what you feel.


I give you an example: in order for my words to reach you I am speaking to this heart that reacts inside, in this contact, with the words that he is saying inside its heart; my dear brothers, for you this is just a passage, because you feel, as you read my words, that this is my contact with each one of your hearts; reading or listening to the words dictated involves directly the heart of each one of you that speaks their reply, that speaks in their expression.


Now let’s continues, as I listen to myself in this precise moment, you are the emotion that you are expressing.


What are you feeling in this precise moment?


It’s the help I am bringing to you, how does your heart react to the offer I am bringing you?


The answer is inside your emotions, it also says who you are, you are the answer.


You are the answer, and you are in agreement in your emotions, or maybe, inside you, in your heart, you feel an oppressing feeling when you listen to the words of help I am bringing you? Keep investigating.


What is causing this feeling as I feel these words in a message that wants to be of help to you? You register these words that you are expressing, you are in your doubt that is speaking.


Here comes the obstacle to what the words you are hearing can really be of help.


In the heart there is also the reason for each obstacle.


I return to the example I gave you earlier, the heart that listens to me and is now focused on picking up my words, has the function of allowing you to listen to me again, this too is an effort of help, and you are listening and your effort creates emotions in you, and now your hearts are once again experimenting yourselves. What are you feeling right now inside you? You are the answer.


Today’s examples are experiences of contact that these words have stirred inside you as you got to know yourselves.


Your impressions, listening to my words, have brought you to discovering yourselves in your expression.


They are moments in which, as you listened to yourselves, you have known emotions inside you and have made contact with your attitude toward the help given.


Now there is a greater awareness of your attitude toward the help donated. Now the emotion responds once again to this stimulus given by your words, is this how I receive the help donated to me? My past is part of me, my attitude has been evolving in the past and today it comes from my past. Can my Love leave my impediments in the past? Of course, providing that the heart is being listened to, then understood, and given the space to be free to discern.


As I listen, I notice something, is it my heart that’s telling me, before even my feelings, every message, every word comes to me and involves me in my emotion, I feel my heart in my every expression and in the order of the heart I will be able to bring my true expression into the world.


To my limited expression of the heart I grant freedom, for I have my emotions as my guidance.


I embrace you from the heart my brothers and sisters, give yourselves freedom, donate your hearts the freedom to be your guidance.


With you in the Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Donate your hearts the freedom to be your guidance message of help from the Sky was the Message dictated 31 October 2011




Donate your hearts the freedom to be your guidance


Donate your hearts


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